Sunday, 28 February 2021

Welcoming the proposed special document for those who had undergone vaccination

Yesterday I commented to our media friends on our state government's plans to introduce a special passport for those who have been vaccinated. The document is aimed to facilitate travel by allowing those who have received the Covid19 vaccine to enter and exit the country. For now we have not implemented the plan yet because the vaccination process in our state and country is still underway at an early stage.

I also welcomed this plan so that our tourism industry will be revitalised and it will gradually recover. Therefore, those who have been vaccinated will be given this special passport to prove that they have been vaccinated so that their movements will be facilitated. Only those who have this special passport will be allowed to go through the border gates for their respective affairs.

Similarly, those who want to enter our country and state, they must have proof that they have been vaccinated. If there is a mutual agreement with any of their parties, only visitors from foreign countries who have been vaccinated will be allowed to enter our state to ensure that they are safe. However, bilateral agreement is important to ensure the effectiveness of this control measure and so that it can benefit efforts to revive the tourism industry in general.

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