Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Giving our thumbs up for the newly launched National Unity Policy

Together we should give our thumbs up to the launching of our National Unity Policy which was launched recently by Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin but it is my humble opinion for numerous aspects that need to be looked into including early education and learning reinforcement which can ensure the success of the new policy.

This is because our children must be taught about the importance of diversity from a young age and such education will enable them to understand the plural nature of the Malaysian society.

Malaysians must be taught at a young age to respect and accept that no one race or religion is bigger or better than the others and that Malaysians must learn to live with and accept this. In addition to this, I opined that the National Unity Policy must go hand in hand with laws and enforcement to ensure that it is not breached.

Thus, the judiciary must also play their part to ensure those that breach or break these National Unity laws are being given due punishment as a deterrent to others and any policy which had the objective of building and creating unity among multi-ethnic Malaysians, should be applauded.

Together we must work together to safeguard our unity and social harmony because Malaysia is made up of so many racial and religious groups that a small dispute could lead to a big confrontation. That is why efforts must be done to build up tolerance, respect, and understanding among the races if we want to see a harmonious Malaysia to continue prosper.

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