Monday, 22 February 2021

Calling creative industry players to continue their passion and be resilient while facing challenges of Covid-19 pandemic

 I have called on those in our local creative industry to continue their passion and be resilient in facing the challenges caused by Covid-19 pandemic which had affected the events and entertainment industry worldwide.

The impacts of the pandemic are not only experienced by our local performers and entertainers but it had also affected the whole entertainment industry on a global scale where many music, film and arts festivals, concerts and shows are postponed or cancelled in order to avoid the spread of Covid-19 virus.  

In Sarawak itself we had to cancel many local and international festivals that involve music, arts, fashion and film events simply to comply with the new normal and to do our part in curbing the spread of Covid-19 whereby these measures are necessary and unavoidable. 

Thus, many of our homegrown artistes, singers and entertainers are bad affected and some had lost their incomes simply because having large gatherings of spectators in the thousands are not allowed under the new normal and to comply with the strict standard operating procedures (SOP).   

The predicaments faced by our local artistes and entertainments are similar to that faced by their counterparts and peer groups from other countries but there are many who had refused to give in the prevailing situations while using the digital platforms in finding the solutions in pursuing their passion, expanding their horizons and showcasing their talents worldwide.

Hence, the rapid development of information technology especially the Online meeting and communication applications had enable all of us to explore and use such platforms in reaching out to others even on a global scale via virtual engagements and interactions.

There are many local well-known artistes and musicians who have done this and they had also shown us that the pandemic should not be the stumbling block for members of the music and entertainment industry to continue their creative passion and reaching out to the masses. There is a necessity for all of us to embrace the new normal while working with others in creating the unique ecosystem that can contribute to the healthy growth of our home grown artistes,  music talents, entertainers and performers.

There is also the need for our local music and entertainment industry to collaborate with their peer groups in developing good strategies and means to go forward with their passion and profession even though doing it from home via popular online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram, and TikTok.

The pandemic had forced us to relook on how things were done before and to move on by exploring the use of digital communication technology in filling the gaps caused by the Covid19 pandemic which have caused many people losing their jobs and sources of incomes from their natural talents.

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