Sunday, 19 February 2017

Jamilah’s landslide win a ‘thank you’ to Adenan, says party

PETALING JAYA: Jamilah Anu’s landslide victory in yesterday’s Tanjong Datu by-election was the constituents’ way of saying “thank you” to her late husband, former Sarawak chief minister Adenan Satem, said a senior PBB leader.

Speaking to FMT, PBB supreme council member Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah congratulated Jamilah who contested the seat previously held by Adenan until his death last month.

Adenan was Tanjong Datu’s elected representative for more than nine years, having first won the seat in the ninth Sarawak state election in May 2006.

“The big win is also a clear manifestation and endorsement of Tanjong Datu voters towards Sarawak BN,” Karim said.

He added that although BN knew they would win the seat, what wasn’t expected was the margin of victory, with BN getting 96.5% of the votes.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Cut out self interest, look at wider picture — Karim

February 13, 2017

Karim (sixth right, back row), Kameri (third right), Kwon (fifth right) and Sim (standing at left) posing with the best swimmers and team managers after the prize presentation. -Photo by Teo Chi Wei

KUCHING: Assistant Minister of Youth, Sports and Solidarity Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah feels that organisers of swimming competitions should not harbour self interests but instead look at the wider picture for the sake of swimming development in Sarawak.

“I know some people are not very happy with me for interfering with how this tournament is being managed. I am very very sorry for that but I don’t have any interest … none of my children is competing in this tournament but I just want to see swimming to grow up and I don’t want to see politics inside swimming where some people are barred from competing just because they are not the affiliates.

“The pool is a place where the swimmers can compete among themselves and win because they have trained hard for it and not win by technical knockout,” he said at the closing of the 44th Sarawak Age Group Swimming Championship at the Sarawak Aquatic Centre, Petra Jaya yesterday.

“A lot of things has happened before the start of the competition and I have to congratulate Kota Samarahan Swimming Association (Kotas) especially its president Alice Kwon for a job well done.

“I know the organising committee had to face a lot of stress as it is organised during Chap Goh Meh especially those who are celebrating the Chinese New Year,” he added.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Beri laluan kepada kepimpinan baru jika tidak aktif - Abdul Karim

February 11, 2017

KUCHING: Menteri Muda Belia dan Sukan Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah menyeru kepimpinan persatuan ataupun pertubuhan yang tidak aktif agar memberi laluan kepada kepimpinan baru.

Beliau menegaskan untuk memegang tampuk kepimpinan, seorang pemimpin memerlukan minat dan visi.

"Jika sudah setahun (menjadi pemimpin), (tetapi) tidak dapat mengatur program, ia membawa maksud masanya sudah sampai untuk melepaskan jawatan untuk diberikan kepada orang yang lebih mampu," katanya ketika merasmikan Majlis Sanjungan Budi Kilauan Bakti di sebuah hotel petang tadi.

Majlis tersebut dianjurkan oleh Jabatan Perpaduan dan Kawasan Rukun Tetangga Bahagian Samarahan.

Beliau memuji komitmen yang ditunjukkan oleh kepimpinan Rukun Tetangga di Bahagian Samarahan yang aktif menjayakan aktiviti-aktiviti dikawasan masing-masing.