Sunday, 18 December 2011

Summer project can turn Samarahan into tourist spot

December 18, 2011

KUCHING: Housing Assistant Minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah believes the Summer Mixed Development Project to be completed by 2013 can turn Samarahan into a tourist spot.

The project comprising shopping mall, water theme park, studio apartments and hotel would attract tourists, particularly from the Peninsula, Abdul Karim said at the soft launch of the project here on Friday night.

Abdul Karim, who is also Asajaya assemblyman and Assistant Minister for Youth Development, was representing Housing Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg.

He said the project was timely given the growing population in Samarahan.

“Many Kuchingites have negative perception of Samarahan and don’t bother to come here. The Summer Mixed Development Project could become a signature landmark to attract many Kuchingites to Samarahan instead of beaches,” he said.

He lauded Tetap Majumas Sdn Bhd for deciding to develop the project.

“This is definitely a bold move. Only those who are daring enough could see the potential of Samarahan and early birds get the best.”

Christmas cheer for 160 less fortunate children

December 18, 2011

IN THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS: Abdul Karim and Liew with all seven representatives from the societies and associations at the eighth Annual Christmas Party 2011 at the Hills Shopping mall.
KUCHING: Bringing Christmas joy to more than 160 less fortunate children was the least Insurance Society of Sarawak (PIS) could do – they were treated to a Christmas party at the Hills Shopping Mall yesterday.

The children were from Sarawak Cheshire Home, Sarawak Association for the Welfare of Intellectually Disabled Children (Perkata), Salvation Army Children’s Home, Salvation Army Boy’s Home, Kuching Autistic Association, Sarawak Children Cancer Society and Sarawak Thalassemia Society.

They were accompanied to the party by their guardians.

“This is a very meaningful event which is greatly appreciated by the state government,” said Assistant Minister of Social Development Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah who officiated at the event. He said a part of our society had the misfortune to go through lives without parents or the use of limbs.

“Every child is an asset to the state and should be treated equally,” said Abd Karim while urging more individuals to help those who are less fortunate.

Abd Karim, who is also the Assistant Minister of Housing, stressed that these less fortunate children should be properly guided to become part of society and grow up to be useful citizens.

Meanwhile, PIS president Dato Patrick Liew said: “A little giving goes a long way in making a difference especially when it can light up a smile in the children’s faces.”

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Sarawak has huge agriculture potential, says Abd Karim

December 17, 2011 

THANK YOU: Abdul Karim presents a souvenir to Mohamad Sahfri at the dinner.
KUCHING: Sarawak’s vast land mass offers huge potential in the agricultural sector, particularly the oil palm plantation industry.

Housing Assistant Minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said that with the ever-increasing demand in the oil palm industry, foreign business entities are invited to invest in the state.

“Sarawak still has many land plots which can be developed into oil palm plantations and therefore those interested might do so by having a joint venture with local companies and individuals,” Abdul Karim elaborated.

Galeri: Touring a housing project in Batu Gong, Siburan

December 17, 2011

DOING INSPECTION: Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg (front row, second left) tours the housing project with (from left)  Dato Sri Celestine Ujang Jilan, Assistant Housing Minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah and others. -TheBornePost

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Galeri: Durian Banquet and Charity

December 14, 2011

DELIGHTFUL FEAST: (From left) Visitors at the Durian Banquet and Charity function Jones Voon, MPP chairman Lo Kher Chiang, Datuk Ahmad Ibrahim, Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, along with Mew Yeh Nursery's directors Voon Fui Pin and Jenny Voon.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

SUPP needs to remain united, says Abdul Karim

December 10, 2011

KUCHING: The Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) must remain united so that it can be a formidable force for the Barisan Nasional (BN) in the upcoming parliamentary election.

Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) supreme council member Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said the latest developments in SUPP were a cause for concern.

“It is embarrassing. Splitting themselves is not the solution. How are they going to face the coming general election if they are not united? Those who’ve held the post for long should step down and give the chance to younger people to be the party leaders.

“Nothing can’t be solved. They should sit down and talk properly to solve the problems together,” the Assistant Minister of Youth Development told reporters after an appreciation ceremony at the Radio Televisyen Malaysia auditorium Thursday.

Meanwhile, the appreciation ceremony was to reward 32 RTM staff who were retiring and to acknowledge 36 outstanding staff members.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Sokong bakal calon BN diberi markah

December 1, 2011

KUCHING: Menteri Muda Pembangunan Belia Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah bersetuju dengan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak memberi markah bonus terhadap bakal calon Barisan Nasional (BN) yang aktif dalam menggunakan teknologi komunikasi di alam maya.

Abdul Karim bagaimanapun berkata, kriteria utama dalam memilih calon boleh menang pada Pilihan Raya Umum (PRU) Ke-13 ini kelak ialah seseorang yang berjiwa rakyat, berpendidikan, berketerampilan baik, bermoral dan bijak memimpin.

Tegas beliau aktif menggunakan Facebook atau Twitter tidak wajar dijadikan kriteria utama tetapi memadai ia diberi markah bonus, terutama sesuai dengan situasi di Sarawak.

“Saya sependapat dan setuju dengan pandangan Perdana Menteri. Pengetahuan IT amat penting dan mesti menjadi prasyarat untuk menjadi pemimpin,” katanya ketika dihubungi, semalam.

Mengulas lanjut, Abdul Karim berkata masih banyak kawasan yang tidak ada kemudahan teknologi komunikasi dan maklumat di Sarawak.

“Di Sarawak masih banyak lagi kawasan yang tidak ada kemudahan IT dan tidak dapat dihubungi melalui pesanan ringkas, e-mel, Internet jadi macam mana hendak berfacebook,” katanya.

Baru-baru ini Najib berkata, antara kriteria calon boleh menang BN adalah mereka yang diterima oleh generasi baharu yang merupakan penentu PRU akan datang.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Youth programmes not politically-motivated, says Karim


KUCHING: Youth programmes organised by government agencies are not politically-motivated, Youth Development Assistant Minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said.

He said it would be wrong to assume that the government organised youth programmes and activities with political gains in mind.

“Any government, be it Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat if they come into power, has a responsibility towards youth development.

“We don’t organise programmes based on politics but to develop the youths and bring our nation to higher levels. There are no political elements involved,” he told reporters at the Breakfree 2011 youth carnival at the Civic Centre here yesterday.

Good game: Karim (centre) congratulating the futsal team members who came third at
the Breakfree 2011 youth carnival in Kuching Sunday.

Karim also said the government did not neglect youths and teenagers but held activities for them all year round.

“In fact, since I became an assistant minister about a month ago, I have been attending many youth events,” he said.

He added that it was important for the government to develop youths not only in terms of human capital but also socially.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

No political connections involved — Karim

November 19, 2011

MAKING IT CLEAR: Abdul Karim (right) pointing to a map as he exchanged opinions with Chong
(DAP-Kota Sentosa).
KUCHING: Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah (BN-Asajaya) yesterday denied that a land titled Lot 2678, which is under his name, was acquired through political connections.

He also denied that the land is not subject to Section 47 of the Land Code. Abdul Karim gave his explanation in the august house in response to an allegation hurled by Chong Chieng Jen (DAP-Kota sentosa) on Wednesday.

Chong, during his debate speech, had alleged the land, which was registered under Abdul Karim’s name, was “conspicuously” and “suspiciously” excluded from the area which is subject to Section 47.

“I do not deny that the land is registered under my name. I do not deny that the identification card number read in the august house is mine. However, I specifically deny ever using any influence or connections to make sure that the land is not subject to Section 47,” Abdul Karim explained.

He pointed out that the gazetted notification 1042, and the imposition of Section 47, was made on April 5, 1999, for the establishment of a secondary school.

“In 1999, I was still practising law and only became a political secretary in 2000. I stood for election in 2001,” he said.

Abdul Karim, who is also Assistant Minister of Youth Development, stressed that he bought the land in 2009, 10 years after the imposition of Section 47, and the Memorandum of Transfer was inked on June 20, 2009.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Karim saman Chong?

KUCHING: Abdul Karim Rah­man Hamzah (BN-Asajaya) tidak teragak-agak untuk mengambil tindakan mahkamah sekiranya Chong Chieng Jen (DAP-Kota Sentosa) terus melemparkan tuduhan tidak berasas kepadan­ya.

Beliau menjelaskan, tanah mi­liknya yang berdekatan dengan ta­pak membangunkan sesuatu projek di kawasan Siol Kandis, Petra Jaya itu terletak di luar kawasan yang termaktub dalam Seksyen 47.

“Tanah itu terkecuali daripada Seksyen 47 kerana posisinya me­mang tidak terletak dalam kawasan yang termaktub, bukannya atas kedudukan saya (dalam kera­jaan).

“Saya tidak tahu bagaimana be­liau (Chong) sampaikan perkara itu kepada orang lain, tetapi sekiranya beliau keterlaluan, saya rasa saya perlu mengambil tindakan undang-undang mengenai perkara ini,” katanya ketika ditemui pemberita selepas Persidangan Dewan Undangan Negeri, di sini, semalam.

Abdul Karim memberitahu, beliau juga tidak pernah menge­luarkan sebarang arahan agar tanahnya dikecualikan daripada Seksyen 47.

Katanya, keluarganya juga memiliki beberapa bidang tanah di kawasan tersebut yang sudah di­gunakan kerajaan untuk membina jalan dan diberi pampasan.

Terdahulu, suasana Persidangan DUN sesi petang semalam sedikit kecoh apabila Chong memperso­alkan mengapa sebahagian kecil dari kawasan tanah yang dipercayai untuk dibangunkan bagi membina Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Siol Kandis, Petra Jaya dikecua­likan.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Social problems among youth being looked into

November 16, 2011

THE government is taking several measures to curb social problems among youths.

They include police patrol at hotspots and tourist areas to increase security.

“Public security monitoring is also being strengthened with the installation of CCTVs in spots prone to crime, particularly snatch thefts.

“Integrated operations and raids are also being conducted by the police from time to time,” said Youth Development assistant minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah in his reply to Ranum Mina (Opar) at the DUN sitting yesterday.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Karim to resign?

November 14, 2011

KUCHING: The Sarawak Barisan Nasional backbencher’s club chairman Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah will resign from his position today.

Karim, 51, having been appointed to assistant ministerial portfolios, including Housing and Youth Development, is no longer qualified to lead the group of non-ministers.

Karim said his replacement had been identified but declined to name the person.

“I believe he’s very capable,” Karim told reporters yesterday following a Barisan pre-State Legislative Assembly meeting at the PBB headquarters here.

“We’ll leave the announcement for tomorrow (today),” he said.

Pressed further, he said: “What can I say? Well, he is still new, but he should be capable enough to handle it. This is an important position in the Assembly.”

Asked what gave the replacement the upper hand against the other Barisan assemblymen, Karim said that various factors including academic qualifications and career achievements prior to his entering into politics were considered.

‘Healthy’ 2012 State Budget to be presented

“The most important thing is the new chairman has good academic and career background".
-Tuan Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah 

KUCHING: The 2012 State Budget will be a ‘healthy’ one in relation to the global economy and development in Sarawak.

Chief Minister Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud said the 2012 State Budget would be considered a safe and healthy budget that had been realistically planned to stimulate economic activities in Sarawak to sustain economic growth.

According to Taib, apart from outlining the efforts to intensify the state economy next year, the 2012 State Budget has also taken into account the present ‘dull’ global economic scenario.

“Although we (state government) know that the world economic situation is not ‘healthy’, we believe we will be able to get through this with success.

This is because the economies of China and India have shown positive growth.

“And with our position being located in Southeast Asia, I think there will be no problem for us to ensure that Sarawak economic growth will be on track,” said Taib, who is also Minister of Finance, to the media after chairing a precouncil meeting at Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) headquarters here yesterday.

The Chief Minister i s scheduled to table the 2012 State Budget during the second meeting of the 17th State Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting, which starts today till 23 November.

Friday, 11 November 2011

DAP don't have any love for Bumiputeras -Karim

by Jocob Achoi

KUCHING: Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was just trying to cool the situation down when he said Pakatan Rakyat (PR) had scrapped its intention to reduce the number of civil servants if it ruled the country.

Assistant Minister of Youth Development and Assistant Minister of Housing Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said civil servants were very angry with the proposal by DAP publicity secretary Tony Pua, and Anwar was just trying to cool them down.

“When he (Anwar) disagreed with the proposal, it is just to cool down the anger of the civil servants towards DAP and PR,” Abdul Karim said when contacted yesterday.

He was asked on Anwar’s online comment on Tuesday that PR had scrapped the proposal to reduce the number of the 1.2 million civil servants if it wins the general election, as earlier proposed by Pua.

Abdul Karim, who is chief political secretary to the Chief Minister, said DAP’s contention to reduce  the number of civil servants was an insult to all civil servants, be they at the federal or state levels.

The proposal, Abdul Karim said, also reflected how ignorant DAP was about the role of the civil servants in transforming the country to become vibrant.

“Bumiputeras in the civil service should be able to see DAP’s real agenda. They just don’t have any love for the Bumiputeras,” the Asajaya assemblyman said.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Beatrice’s life could depend on mens rea — Karim

November 10, 2011

KUCHING: It is difficult to determine the ‘intention’ of Beatrice Laus Johie when she carried the bag containing heroin into Melbourne airport, opined Assistant Minister of Youth Development Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah yesterday.

Abdul Karim, who is a lawyer by training, said the burden of proof had to be produced by the Australian police to show that Beatrice was aware of the 1.5kg of heroin inside the bag she was carrying.

“At this point in time, the investigation has to prove that there was no mens rea (an intention of the mind) from Beatrice, to help her to get acquitted,” he said.

He was asked to comment on Beatrice who was nabbed with 1.5kg of heroin at Melbourne International Airport last Sunday afternoon. She was said to have been deceived by her Nigerian boyfriend to carry his luggage which contained the drugs. The Nigerian, whom she had befriended through Facebook, was supposed to travel with her but he did not make the trip at the last moment – claiming visa problems.

If found guilty, Beatrice will face 25 years’ imprisonment or A$550,000 fine.

Abdul Karim said the interrogation period would involve a lot of legal procedures.

“This is one of the hardest parts (interrogation and legal procedures) that a person must go through. I pity her as a person, but there is no way through this except to seek help from the government,” he said.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Abdul Karim: Kita just day-dreaming

by Zoee Hilson. 

BAU: Parti Kita (Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air) will not win even a single seat, what more to say becoming a ruling party, during the next general election.

Assistant Minister for Youth Development Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, who gave this prediction, said Kita president Datuk Zaid Ibrahim must be daydreaming for saying on Friday that the party aimed to be a ruling party.

Karim added that as far as Sarawak was concerned, the party is an unknown entity.

“Maybe in Peninsular Malaysia there are members of Kita which is a splinter of PKR, but I doubt that it can capture any seat, or even one seat. This is just daydreaming. I would say their impact is totally zero. We don’t even know who the leaders of Kita are in Sarawak,” he said at a Hari Raya Aidiladha event at Surau Nur Akmal in Kampung Blimbin, Bau, yesterday.

Karim, who is also Asajaya assemblyman and chief political secretary to the chief minister, added that presently the party did not have a single assemblyman, so their dream was really something “too farfetched”.

In a news report by Bernama yesterday, Zaid said that the party was not after the prime minister’s post and that they were not a nuisance as labelled by some quarters.

Claiming that Kita was the best alternative political party for the people because it fought for the welfare of Malaysias, Zaid said: “We aim to be a ruling party but we are not after the prime minister’s post…this is why we hope to put up candidates in suitable areas to ensure victory in the elections.”

Perkim Sarawak brings cheer to 50 families


KUCHING: Muslim Welfare Organisation Malaysia (Perkim) Sarawak Branch has brought cheers to some 50 families at Kampung Belimbing, Krokong in Bau near here in conjunction with this year’s Hari Raya Qurban.

Four cows were donated but only three slaughtered after one ran away in the nick of time.

The three were slaughtered early in the morning.

The one which escaped was supposed to be slaughtered during an official ceremony to distribute the sacrificial meat to the needy families from the village and the surrounding areas after the afternoon prayer yesterday.

Housing Assistant Minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah officiated at the ceremony.

The function, nevertheless went on to distribute meat from the three slaughtered earlier.

Speaking to reporters later, Abdul Karim said this year’s Perkim religious activity was centred in Bau.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Karim to resign as state BN backbencher’s club chief

Monday November 14, 2011

KUCHING: The Sarawak Barisan Nasional backbencher’s club chairman Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah will resign from his position today.

Karim, 51, having been appointed to assistant ministerial portfolios, including Housing and Youth Development, is no longer qualified to lead the group of non-ministers.

Karim said his replacement had been identified but declined to name the person.

“I believe he’s very capable,” Karim told reporters yesterday following a Barisan pre-State Legislative Assembly meeting at the PBB headquarters here.

“We’ll leave the announcement for tomorrow (today),” he said.

Pressed further, he said: “What can I say? Well, he is still new, but he should be capable enough to handle it. This is an important position in the Assembly.”

Asked what gave the replacement the upper hand against the other Barisan assemblymen, Karim said that various factors including academic qualifications and career achievements prior to his entering into politics were considered.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Hamil luar nikah serius

November 2, 2011

Statistik meningkat, kebanyakan ‘keterlanjuran’ berlaku musim cuti sekolah

KUCHING: Peningkatan ketara jumlah penghuni Taman Seri Puteri, di sini pada tahun ini berbanding 2010 mencerminkan kes hamil luar nikah di kalangan remaja di Sarawak semakin membimbangkan.

Menteri Kebajikan, Wanita dan Pembangunan Keluarga Datuk Fatimah Abdullah memberitahu, institusi yang bertujuan melindungi dan menjaga gadis hamil seawal umur 14 tahun hingga 18 tahun itu mencatatkan jumlah penghuni sebanyak 20 orang setakat ini berbanding sembilan orang pada 2010.

“Waktu saya mula melawat dulu kita ada empat orang. Dan apa yang kita ada dalam rekod ini hanya ‘tip of an iceberg,’ nampak sedikit tetapi bahagian yang tidak kelihatan itu sebenarnya lebih banyak.

“Kalau statistik sudah menyaksikan peningkatan, apatah lagi jumlah kes yang tidak dilaporkan kepada agensi-agensi kerajaan dan di luar pengetahuan kita,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas Majlis Perasmian Bengkel Latihan Pelatih Hubungan Sihat Dalam Kalangan Remaja, di sini, semalam.

Hadir sama, Menteri Muda Pembangunan Sosial Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, Men-teri Muda Kebajikan Robert Lawson Chuat dan Pengarah Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Negeri Noriah Ahmad.

Fatimah memberitahu, kadar kelahiran bayi oleh remaja di negeri ini turut menyaksikan peningkatan iaitu daripada 7.16 peratus pada 2009 kepada 8.8 peratus pada 2010.

Dalam pada itu, beliau mencadangkan agar taklimat mengenai hubungan sihat di kalangan remaja diadakan sebelum cuti persekolahan.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Semaikan semangat kesukarelaan: Karim

by Agnes Tugong

Semangat kesukarelaan masyarakat dilihat semakin terhakis terutama di kawasan bandar

LUNDU: Semangat kesukarelaan di kalangan masyarakat dilihat semakin terhakis terutama di kawasan bandar.

Keadaan ini menimbulkan kebimbangan Menteri Muda Perumahan merangkap Menteri Muda Pembangunan Sosial Abdul Karim Hamzah.

Justeru, beliau menuntut agar semangat sukarela disemai dalam jiwa setiap masyarakat tanpa mengira peringkat dan latar belakang.

“Jika kita lihat ketika ini, semangat sukarela semakin hari semakin terhakis terutama di kawasan bandar.

“Oleh itu penting untuk kita menganjurkan program yang dapat menyemai semangat sukarela dalam setiap jiwa masyarakat kita,” katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika berucap pada Majlis Penutupan Rasmi Kursus Asas Skuad Rakan Muda RELA Siri 4/2011 di Stadium Tertutup, Kompleks Sukan Lundu di sini semalam.

Kursus tersebut telah diadakan selama enam hari bermula 14 Oktober lepas melibatkan 100 anggota muda RELA dari Kuching, Asajaya, Simunjan, Samarahan, Lundu dan Sematan.

Adenan beri peringatan elak 'tradisi kecil'

October 21, 2011

KUCHING: Pesta Konvokesyen Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) 2011 bakal menyaksikan institusi pengajian tinggi itu melakarkan sejarahnya dalam Malaysia Book of Records menerusi aktiviti 88 jam pantun tanpa henti ‘’.

Naib Cancelornya Prof Datuk Dr Khairuddin Ab Hamid berkata, aktiviti itu akan diadakan seawal jam 6 pagi bermula dari 20 hingga 22 Oktober ini.

“Saya berharap para pelajar akan memberikan kerjasama untuk merealisasikan sasaran ini agar dapat disenaraikan dalam Malaysia Book of Records,” katanya berucap sempena majlis perasmian Pesta Konvokesyen UNIMAS 2011 malam kelmarin yang disempurnakan oleh Menteri Muda Pembangunan Belia dan Menteri Muda Perumahan Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah yang mewakili Menteri Tugas-tugas Khas Tan Sri Datuk Amar Adenan Satem.

Dalam pada itu, beliau berkata, karnival tahunan itu yang julung kalinya diadakan di Kampus Barat UNIMAS turut menyelitkan pelbagai aktiviti menarik seperti konsert bersama Bunkface, Planet Radio dengan menjemput juruhebah-juruhebah radio swasta di seluruh negara, pesta ria, pameran keilmuan, gerai jualan dan banyak lagi.

“Saya berharap kunjungan masyarakat ke UNIMAS sem-pena Pesta Konvokesyen ini akan memberi kesan positif dan motivasi khususnya kepada anak-anak muda.

“Selain itu, daripada lawatan ke kampus ini juga akan dapat menyemai cita-cita di kalangan anak-anak muda untuk menjadi sebahagian daripada pelajar UNIMAS,” kata Khairuddin.

Sementara, Adenan me-nerusi teks ucapan beliau yang dibacakan oleh Karim berkata, Pesta Konvokesyen tersebut merupakan peluang kepada masyarakat untuk membawa anak-anak ke UNIMAS sebagai langkah memotivasikan mereka agar lebih rajin dan mempu-nyai impian menjadi pelajar universiti pada suatu hari kelak.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Asajaya representative taking over duties of Kota Samarahan MP

KUCHING: Asajaya assemblyman Abdul Karim Hamzah has taken over funding allocation and administration duties from Kota Samarahan MP Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib.

Karim, who is the newly appointed Youth Development and Housing Assistant Minister, told reporters here yesterday that he had a “good relationship” with Samarahan residents.

“Whatever money is allocated to him (Sulaiman), I’m the one who is handling it,” Karim said in response to a question on whether an assemblyman like him felt “handicapped” that the Kota Samarahan MP “has not been on the ground much”.

“That problem does not arise at all,” Karim said. “The committees which are supposed to be held by him, most of them are handled by me.”

Asked what was Sulaiman’s reason for his absence, Karim replied: “I believe he has got some personal problems himself.”

On whether Karim had communicated with Sulaiman recently, Karim said: “Not really.”

“A long time ago, yes (we communicated). Each MP is allocated certain amount of funds, those funds are looked after by his (Sulaiman’s) office, together with myself and Datuk Seri Ali,” Karim said, referring to Muara Tuang assemblyman Datuk Seri Mohamad Ali Mahmud.

Abdul Karim: No complaints about Sulaiman rarely visiting constituents

October 15, 2011, Saturday

KUCHING: Samarahan constituents are not complaining that their MP Dato Sri Sulaiman Taib rarely goes down to his area Asajaya, said assemblyman Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

“If there had been any big problem or complaint, the matter would have been in the open but so far his rare visit is not really an issue,” he said.

He said the physical absence of the Samarahan MP was not a big problem because whatever development projects and allocations for the area would be handled either by him or the assemblyman for Muara Tuang, Datuk Seri Mohammad Ali Mahmud.

“One good thing that I notice is the very good relationship between the administration, the District Office, Resident’s Office and government agencies with the elected representatives from both Muara Tuang and Asajaya so there had not been any problem.

“Whatever allocation he (Sulaiman) got, I am the one handling it. Whatever committees are supposed to he held by him, most of it are handled by me,” he said when answering reporters’ questions at a press conference after witnessing the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signing ceremony between Sarawak Lawn Tennis Association (SLTA) and Merdeka Palace Hotel and Suites here yesterday.

Abdul Karim who is Assistant Housing Minister said he was unsure why the former tourism minister had not been able to visit his constituency.

“I believe he has got some personal problem himself… I believe lah.”

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

DAP, stay out of rural area !

October 11, 2011

KUCHING: The failure of the Dayak Consultative Council (DCC) seminar organised by the DAP in Siburan last Sunday afternoon has prompted several state BN leaders to advise the opposition party to forget about bringing their brand of politics to the rural or semi-rural areas.

The seminar had Dr John Brian Anthony, chairman of DCC, as main speaker and state DAP chairman Wong Ho Leng and secretary Chong Chieng Jen as supporting speakers. Also present at the event to lend moral support were DCC members Edward Luak and Ben Diomedes

As only a few people turned up, the DAP had to convert the seminar into a press conference attended by six reporters, mostly from the Chinese press. There were about 80 empty seats at the venue.

The failure was a massive blow to the Chinese-based opposition party’s effort to penetrate the rural areas. John Brian had flown all the way from Kuala Lumpur, hoping to deliver his speech in front of a full house audience.

Ho Leng, the Sibu MP and Bukit Assek assemblyman, explained that the people in Siburan had other commitments and that was why they could not attend the so called non-political Dayak seminar.

The Borneo Post asked state BN leaders on what they thought about this ill-fated seminar.

Bengoh assemblyman Dr Jerip Susil, who is also Assistant Minister of Public Health, said: “They (DAP) are trying to penetrate Bengoh, but the people are not keen on their brand of politics.”

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Karim: Budget emphasises skills training because not all can go to universities

KUCHING: Youths stand to benefit from the allocations for skills training and sports facilities in Budget 2012, Youth Development Assistant Minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said.

He said the RM200mil allocated for skills training for youths who do not continue their schooling was a good move by the Federal Government.

“We cannot expect all youths to be able to go to university, so there is a need for vocational or skills training for those who don’t continue their schooling. This will enhance the development of youths and help them to assimilate into society with useful skills,” he said.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had announced yesterday that the RM200mil allocation under the Strategic Action for Youth (SAY 1 Malaysia) programme would provide skills training to be conducted by institutions such as community colleges, Institut Kemahiran Mara, Institut Latihan Perindustrian and Giat Mara. Trainees would be given practical training in government-linked and private companies to enable them to secure employment.

Karim welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of RM320mil to implement skills training, leadership programmes, resilience and entrepreneurship for youths at state and district levels.

He was also happy that funds would be allocated for more futsal and football facilities to be built.

“Futsal and football are sports of interest among youths today. In my constituency, practically every kampung is asking for a futsal court. Most of the kampung youths love futsal, so I’m glad that the Government is sensitive to their needs,” the Asajaya assemblyman said.

Retirement age extension won’t affect work, promotion prospects, says Karim

KUCHING: Assistant Minister of Youth Development Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said the extension of compulsory retirement age from 58 to 60 years as announced in Budget 2012 will not affect the chances of youths to work or move up the civil service ladder.

In an SMS to The Borneo Post yesterday, Karim said opportunities were still wide open and available at all times, depending on the demand.

“As it is now, job aspirants and varsity graduates do not list civil service as their top priority in scouting for jobs. They rather look at other factors such as salary and perks,” he said.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Portal to transform housing loan service

October 7, 2011

A CLICK OF THE MOUSE: Karim (centre) launches the housing loan portal while Shuib (right) and state Federal Finance officer Datu Jabidah Monseri look on.
KUCHING: The newly launched Integrated Housing Loan System (SPPB) Portal by the state’s Treasury Malaysia agency is a transformation in service to the clients of its Housing Loan Section (BPP).

The implementation of the portal is an enormous improvement to the delivery system for all the civil servants who wish to apply for the Treasury housing loan.

“Through this portal, Treasury housing loan applicants could utilise the full functionality of the system online, where they can make an application, check their application status, request for refund and advanced payment, and others.

“SPPB is also user-friendly with auto-complete function that will help users to key-in data quickly and accurately,” said Housing and Social Development Assistant Minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah when officiating at its launch yesterday.

He said BPP, through the implementation of the portal, showed that they are practising the four values of civil service.

“The government greatly emphasises on national transformation programmes that give the best service to the people. BPP has proven that by inculcating creativity and innovation, the need for fast action and decision, value for money and integrity could be met.

“This effort will give a strong impact to the Treasury Malaysia as it will improve the administration of government’s funds,” he pointed out.

Portal mudahkan permohonan pinjaman perumahan dilancar

KUCHING: Badan Pinjaman Perbendaharaan (BPP) melancarkan Portal Sistem Pinjaman Perumahan Bersepadu (SPPB) untuk memudahkan permohonan pinjaman perumahan bagi pemohon cukup syarat dilakukan atas talian (online).

Menteri Muda Perumahan Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah berkata sistem itu berupaya memberi kelulusan pinjaman bersyarat secara atas talian bagi membantu penjawat awam memiliki kediaman sendiri.

“Portal ini untuk menyemak status permohonan, bayaran balik, bayaran kemajuan, penghantaran hak milik, baki pinjaman dan penyata tahunan mudah, cepat dan tepat oleh pemohon,” katanya di Majlis Pelancaran SPPB semalam.

Namun lebih membanggakan, SPPB dibangunkan sendiri secara dalaman tanpa melibatkan kos yang tinggi serta mengurangkan perbelanjaan kerajaan dari segi kos penyediaan dan pembangunan sistem.

Karim menambah, sistem itu mesra pelanggan yang dilengkapi fungsi ‘auto complete’ yang membantu pengguna membuat kemasukan maklumat permohonan dengan cepat dan tepat yang dihantar terus ke sistem pangkalan data berpusat.

Portal itu turut dilengkapi dengan kemudahan bayaran melalui perbankan internet (internet banking) bagi memudahkan pembayaran wang proses.

Terdahulu pihak BPP telah melancarkan e-Bayaran pada Mac 2009 diikuti e-Borang pada Disember 2010, diteruskan dengan penggunaan ‘Perkhidmatan sistem pesanan ringkas atau SMS untuk memaklumkan kelulusan pinjaman kepada peminjam.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Galeri: Press Conference on Sarawak Regatta 2011

October 6, 2011

FINDING FUN IN SPORTS: Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah (seated, third right) with the Kota Samarahan Resident Rodziah Morshidi on his right and staff of Kota Samarahan Resident’s Office and other departments and agencies after a meeting on the Samarahan Regatta.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Karim urges Bumiputera not to be 'pengkhianat bangsa'

October 3, 2011
FOR THE ALBUM: Karim (fifth right), Padawan Municipal Council chairman Lo Khere Chiang (second left)
and other guests with the recipients of Merdeka Raya Special Award.
KUCHING: Assistant Minister of Housing Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah has reminded the people, especially the Bumiputeras, not to blindly support the opposition without first understanding their real agenda.

Abdul Karim, who is also Assistant Minister of Social Development, said the people should ponder why, for instance, the DAP was so keen to penetrate the rural areas after the April 16 polls.

“This is because they (DAP) have realised that only if they could gain the support of the rural populace would they have the chance to form the new government. Don’t forget that they are only fighting for a single race all this while. I don’t mean to be a racist, but this is the fact.

“The problem is that some Bumiputeras, who are not aware of the real situation, have given the opposition their support. Don’t become ‘pengkhianat bangsa’ (a quisling),” said Karim, who is also PBB Supreme Council member, at a Hari Raya gathering at SK Jalan Haji Baki near Kota Sentosa here.

Citing the statement by PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu on the battle at Bukit Kepong, Abdul Karim said the opposition would do anything, including altering historical facts, to gain political mileage.

Besides, DAP-governed Penang, he said, had decided not to continue low-cost housing project based on the weak argument that such a policy would not be good for the unity of the people as the majority of the residents of such housing estates were Bumiputeras.

“But the truth is that they (Penang government) don’t want Bumiputeras to gather together as they might become a hindrance for them to win the coming election. I believe the DAP would do the same if they were to govern Sarawak. I’m not here to threaten you but please think carefully.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Galeri: Outsider Sarikei Bernas emerge futsal champion

CHAMPIONS: Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah (standing, fourth left), together with KBS officer Syed Zyed Wan Asnawi (second left) and Yong Soon Hang (third left ) with Sarikei Bernas after the prize giving ceremony yesterday.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Abdul Karim confident of successor’s capability

October 1, 2011

KUCHING: Former Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club chairman Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, who has been appointed Assistant Minister for Youth Development and Housing, is confident that his successor will continue his good job.

Speaking to the press here yesterday, Abdul Karim kept mum about his potential successor but believed that the next chairman would be named the soonest within two weeks.

“We have got a few good YBs and that (getting a successor) should not be a problem at all. You will know it before the next state legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting, which will be in November,” he said.

The Asajaya assemblyman said BN elected representatives would call for a meeting and decide the best candidate.

“Definitely, my views will be sought. BN Backbenchers Club is not a registered society, it is an in-house society just like a class unit that has a monitor,” he said.

Earlier, Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud told reporters that BN would get “someone who can lead the team.”

The state BN chairman declined to name any potential backbencher who could take over the job from Abdul Karim.

Taib said DUN Speaker Datuk Amar Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar would seek consultation with members of the Backbenchers Club to come up with a name or two for a final decision.

“I don’t know that (a name). They will suggest one or two names then the speaker and I will make the final decision,” he said.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Karim appointed as assistant minister


KUCHING: Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud has announced his full Cabinet line-up, keeping all the existing ministers in their respective portfolios in a concerted effort to improve and accelerate service delivery in the state.

All the existing assistant ministers are not affected in the reshuffle as they have also been retained in their respective portfolios.

The reshuffle yesterday, done five months after the state Barisan Nasional was returned to power, saw seven new assistant ministers appointed to fill up posts made vacant after the state election in April.

Announcing the changes, which come into effect tomorrow, in his office at Wisma Bapa Malaysia yesterday, Taib said he had also decided to promote three ministers, namely PRS president Tan Sri Dr James Masing, SPDP president Tan Sri William Mawan and SUPP deputy secretary general Datuk Sri Wong Soon Koh to the rank of Senior Minister.

However, in as far as their respective ministries are concer- ned, Masing is still designated as Land Development Minister; Mawan, because his ministry has been renamed, is Social Develop- ment Minister, while Wong is Second Finance Minister as well as Local Government and Com- munity Development Minister, another ministry which has been renamed.

Taib said the role of the Senior Ministers was to cordinate and supervise the changes set to take place in the various ministries.

He said he had decided to keep all the experienced ministers in their respective portfolios because he wanted them to continue supervising the machinery of the government under their ministries as well as the new assistant ministers.

New ministry, seven new faces in Sarawak cabinet reshuffle

September 29, 2011

KUCHING: The state cabinet reshuffle that will take effect on Friday will see a new ministry being created, five ministries renamed and seven new faces including a woman to be appointed as assistant ministers.

Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said the new ministry would be named the Welfare, Women and Family Development Ministry, to be headed by Datuk Fatimah Abdullah and assisted by two new assistant ministers who are also new faces, Rosey Yunus and Robert Lawson Chuat Vincent.

“The other new faces as assistant ministers are Julaihi Narawi, Abdul Karim Hamzah, Datu Len Talif Salleh, Dr Jerip Susil and Liwan Lagang,” he said, adding that the seven would be sworn in on Friday.

Julaihi will be appointed as Industrial Development Assistant Minister (Investment and Promotion) and Rural Development Assistant Minister, and Abdul Karim as Housing Assistant Minister and Social Development Assistant Minister (Youth Development).

Datu Len Talif will be appointed as Resource Planning and Environment Assistant Minister (Environment) and Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office (Technical Education Promotion), Dr Jerip as Local Government and Community Development Assistant Minister (Public Health), and Liwan as Social Development Assistant Minister (Culture and Heritage).

“All the full ministers will be retained and some of their ministries renamed,” he said.

The five ministries renamed include the Social Development and Urbanisation Ministry, which is now known as Social Development Ministry and headed by Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) president Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom and Environment and Public Health Ministry, now known as Local Government and Community Development Ministry, headed by Sarawak United People’s Party deputy secretary-general Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Abdul Karim’s comments draw flak from DBNA stalwart

KUCHING: A former senior civil servant and long serving DBNA supreme council member finds the comments by Chief Political Secretary to the Chief Minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah on the controversial statement by Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) president Datuk Ik Pahon Joyik “very confusing”.

He told The Borneo Post here yesterday that he did not quite agree with the Asajaya assemblyman’s view as reported in the newspaper.

“When YB Karim said Pahon’s statement must be seen from the right context he has to first of all remember that DBNA is a non-political organisation and therefore the leaders are not supposed to mix the association with politics.

“Because of that Pahon’s statement can never be seen from the right context. It is already wrong in the perspective of DBNA when the association, under its constitution, is supposed to be non-political,” he said.

He said under the DBNA constitution the objectives of the association were to promote unity, mutual help, cooperation, understanding and friendship among the Bidayuh community, foster cooperation and goodwill with other races, inculcate self-reliance among Bidayuhs and encourage them to raise their standard of living.

“Other objectives are to instill among the community a sense of devotion and undivided loyalty to the country, to promote the spiritual, mental, physical and social well-being of its members and the community as a whole, to encourage Bidayuhs to take full measure of responsibility in civic affairs and to participate actively in nation building; and to work in close cooperation with the government and other relevant agencies for the welfare and socio-economic progress of the community,” he said in quoting the DBNA constitution.

Wishing to be known as Sukuh Manggeng, he said Pahon’s statement that the three incumbent Bidayuh MPs should give way to young blood was not only wrong in his capacity as president of DBNA but also against the general orders in the civil service.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Abdul Karim bangga Piala Perpaduan capai matlamat

September 21, 2011

JUARA: Abdul Karim (dua kiri) menyampaikan piala juara kepada ketua pasukan Kaslo FC sambil disaksikan Zawawi (kiri), Haidel dan Buang (belakang) di Kampung Sambir, Asajaya.
ASAJAYA: Ketua Setiausaha Politik Ketua Menteri, Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah melahirkan rasa bangga dengan penganjuran kejohanan tertua, Piala Perpaduan Sambir yang telah mencapai matlamatnya untuk menyatupadukan rakyat.

Beliau yang juga Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Asajaya ternyata kagum dengan penganjuran kejohanan itu yang kini sudah mencecah edisi ke-45.

“Saya amat gembira dengan kejayaan pihak penganjur kejohanan Piala Perpaduan Sambir yang menjadikan acara sukan itu berprestij diadakan setiap tahun,” katanya berucap merasmikan penutupan kejohanan itu di sini Ahad lalu.

Hadir sama Naib Presiden Persatuan Bola Sepak Sarawak (FAS) Haidel Heli, Setiausaha Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Asajaya Buang Bolhassan dan pengerusi penganjur, Zawawi Keri.

Kejohanan berkenaan pada mulanya dinamakan Piala Ekspress Sambir ditukarkan kepada Piala Ketua Menteri dan kemudiannya ditukar kini sebagai Piala Abdul Karim.

Abdul Karim berkata kejohanan itu bukan sahaja menjadi medan bagi menyatupadukan penduduk, malah sebagai gelanggang melahirkan pemain-pemain bola sepak berbakat di peringkat akar umbi.

Menurutnya, kejohanan Piala Perpaduan Sambir juga sinonim dengan memeriahkan sambutan perayaan Hari Raya Aidilfitri kerana dianjurkan selepas Hari Raya terbabit.

‘See Ik Pahon’s comments from proper perspective’

September 21, 2011

KUCHING: The so-called controversial statement made by Datuk Ik Pahon Joyik that the three Bidayuh MPs give way to young blood must be seen from the right context, said chief political secretary to the chief minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

He pointed out that when the statement was made, Ik Pahon did it in his capacity as the president of Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) and not as a senior civil servant.

“Surely DBNA members should be proud to have a president who is outspoken and not condemn him (force him) to seal his lips just because he is a civil servant.

If that is what the (DBNA) members want, then amend the DBNA constitution to forbid civil servants to hold office in DBNA because by him holding office and barring him (Ik Pahon) from commenting on Bidayuh affairs will not help the community,” he said when contacted yesterday.

Ik Pahon, who is the permanent secretary to the Ministry of Tourism and Heritage, recently caused a stir when he said it was high time that the three Bidayuh MPs give way to young persons.

Abdul Karim said he regarded the comment as being made sincerely in his (Ik Pahon’s) capacity as DBNA president.

“Nobody should be emotional about it.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Asajaya rep: Visit state more often and discover folk here are equally developed


KUCHING: Malaysians from the peninsula have been asked to visit Sarawak more often so that they get to know the people here better.

Abdul Rahman Karim Hamzah, the political secretary to the Chief Minister, said some wrong perceptions of the state and its people remained a thorny issue because of the lack of traffic between Sarawak and the peninsula.

He said it was unfortunate that there were Peninsular Malaysians who believed that Sarawakians were living on trees.

He said the reason for the misperception was because these Peninsular Malaysians never visited the state. 

“Believe it or not, we still get questions like if Sarawakians are still living on trees from some of our Semenanjung brothers and sisters. These people still perceive Sarawakians as so backward that we don’t even know how to build houses.

“However, as you can see for yourself, we are developing well just like any other states in the peninsula,” he said at a Hari Raya gathering for a group of visitors representing several neighbourhood watch committees from the peninsula here on Sunday night.

Proof of participation: Karim presenting a certificate to a participant of the integration and unity visit to homestays in Samarahan as Azman (left) and National Unity and Integration state director Dirwana Azool look on during the Hari Raya gathering.
The programme was organised by the National Unity and Integration Department as a platform to get participants to see how the state was shaping up.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Malaysia perlukan undang-undang pencegahan seperti ISA

September 17, 2011
Undang-undang ganti ISA diharap cegah anasir berbahaya terhadap masyarakat majmuk

KUCHING: Dua undang-undang yang bakal digubal menggantikan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) 1960 diharap berperanan mencegah anasir berbahaya terhadap hubungan antara masyarakat majmuk di negara ini.

Ketua Setiausaha Politik Ketua Menteri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah berkata, undang-undang itu kelak wajar mempertimbangkan kemungkinan munculnya ekstremis kaum atau agama yang dikhuatiri menggugat ketenteraman awam.

“Kita mahu melihat apakah pengganti terhadap ISA yang telah dijanjikan kerana dalam keadaan masyarakat majmuk dan berlainan agama kita amat memerlukan undang-undang pencegahan seperti ISA untuk menangani ekstremis dalam masyarakat.

“Kita tidak mahu jadi macam Yugoslavia suatu ketika dahulu yang telah berpecah-belah mengikut etnik dan bangsa ekoran timbulnya ekstremis bangsa dan agama,” katanya ketika dihubungi, semalam.

Abdul Karim yang juga ADUN Asajaya berkata lagi, pemansuhan undang-undang tersebut juga menunjukkan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak sebagai prihatin dan sensitif terhadap hak asasi dan permintaan rakyat.

“Ia merupakan perkara yang dijanjikan oleh Najib apabila mengambil alih tampuk pemerintahan dahulu,” katanya.

Beliau bagaimanapun berharap Najib tidak terlalu mengikut telunjuk pembangkang apabila menyentuh perundangan berkaitan ketenteraman awam.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Welcome tinged with caution to repeal of ISA

Peter Sibon,

KUCHING: The announcement on the abolition of the Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA) by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak last night received mixed reactions from local law makers from both sides of the political divide and a human rights activist.

Chairman of the state BN Backbenchers’ Club and the chief political secretary to the chief minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said he was unsure whether the abolishment of the restrictive law was a right move or not.

“For a multi-ethnic and multi religious country like Malaysia, we surely need restrictive laws like the ISA but what is important is that the usage of these laws must be purely against those who pose security threat to the nation and not against political opponents,” Abdul Karim told The Borneo Post here last night.

PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian said the prime minister was taking a big gamble by abolishing the restrictive laws.

“We welcomed the announcement as it was really high time, such draconian laws should have been abolished long time ago as our country has achieved its independence for almost 50 years,” he said.

Baru who is also the Ba Kelalan assemblyman also stressed that there were still laws such as those under police custody where abuse could still take place.

“So we have to wait and see the outcome of the announcement,” he said.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Kebebasan bersuara secara sederhana

September 15, 2011

ANUGERAH PELAJAR DIPLOMA TERBAIK: Jamil (enam kiri) berdiri bersebelahan Karim (tujuh kiri) sewaktu sesi bergambar berkumpulan di Pusat Konvensyen Borneo Kuching (BCCK) malam kelmarin.
KUCHING: Ketua Setiausaha Politik Ketua Menteri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah mahu kebebasan bersuara, memberi pendapat dan luahan direbut mahasiswa tetapi dilakukan secara berpada-pada.

Karim yang juga Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Asajaya berkata mahasiswa perlu ‘keluar dari kepompong lama’ dan bertindak sebagai ejen perubahan tanpa membuta tuli.

“Mahasiswa perlu melengkapkan diri dengan kemahiran insaniah dan pengetahuan agar menjadi bangsa yang lebih bertamadun, kompetitif dan berkualiti demi membantu membangunkan negara,”ujarnya ketika berucap di Majlis Makan Malam Pragraduan Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Sesi Mei-Oktober 2011 di sini malam kelmarin.

Beliau turut meluahkan kekesalan terhadap golongan mahasiswa yang kurang peka kepada isu nasional dan antarabangsa dan menggesa mereka berubah.

“Mereka kekok untuk berbicara dalam menyatakan pendirian tentang sesuatu isu dan cetek dalam persoalan disiplin ilmu.

“Jika dilihat pada waktu dulu, mereka merupakan golongan yang sentiasa menjuarai isu-isu besar dalam negara malahan dianggap suara hati rakyat dalam membela nasib dan merungkai keperitan hidup masyarakat,” tambahnya.

Sementara itu beliau memberitahu bahawa kadar pengangguran di kalangan mahasiswa lepasan diploma dan sarjana semakin meningkat.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Karim defends Mahmud’s political standing

KUCHING: Dato Sri Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib is a capable individual to perform as a member of parliament for Kota Samarahan if he is nominated in the next general election.

According to Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister, Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, Mahmud as a corporate figure will be able to carry the responsibilities of an elected representative well.

Answering a question by a reporter during his Hari Raya open house at Jalan Astana yesterday, Karim said claims made by certain individuals that Mahmud will not perform, just like his brother Dato Sri Sulaiman Taib, is unfounded.

“In my opinion, each individual has his own style. We cannot generalise,” he said.

Karim, who is state Barisan Nasional backbenchers chairman, said each individual is different.

“Take, for example, the political scenario in Sarawak, the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) speaker Dato Asfia’s brother is in the opposition,” he added. Therefore, Karim said it is not fair to look at Mahmud in the same light as Sulaiman who might have his own personal issues and could not perform in serving the people in his full capacity.

“However, Kota Samarahan is developing rapidly from various efforts between BN and community leaders, and the result itself is important,” he said. On the question of the risk taken if nominating Mahmud who does not reside in Sarawak, Karim said the news has not been confirmed and no official statement has been made.