Monday, 22 February 2010

Karim will not contest for the PBB Youth Chief post

KUCHING: Abdul Karim Hamzah’s withdrawal from the contest for the PBB Youth Chief post shows how much the party has matured over the years, where leaders are groomed, says PBB President and Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

“I don’t want to claim ourselves as a (good) example but the principle is there. I regard PBB as a party where we can groom good leaders,” he said when asked if PBB’s way of solving internal conflict should be made an example for other BN component parties, at PBB Headquarters here yesterday.

He said that gradually, the well-groomed leaders would take over by moving up the leadership ladder, which a ‘senior party’ like PBB had been practising.

“You must remember that when you want to have a working democracy, you must have someone with good leadership skill in order to exercise the mandate that the people has entrusted upon you.

“If you don’t have good leadership in the party, which is built over the years, and if there is no desire on the part of the people to serve the country from the beginning, then you will find out that politics is no more than just politicking,” said Taib. 

He also believed that Karim’s withdrawal was proof that “we (PBB) have a good and stable party”, which meant a lot. 

“We did not start yesterday. If we did, we would have a lot of quarrels now. We are a party in the government, and as such, there is a sense of responsibility in all of us, and we understand that we must prepare ourselves to serve the nation,” he said.