Friday, 27 December 2013

Karim lambasts movement calling for Taib’s resignation

KUCHING: Peninsula-based Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) was given a tongue lashing yesterday for planning a campaign aimed to call for the resignation of Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) supreme council member Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said Sarawakians do not need West Malaysians without in-depth knowledge about the state’s political history and its  multi-racial harmonious culture to ‘teach’ them on how to manage the state.

He pointed out that SAMM, which is closely related to Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Youth movement, should just focus on building up good racial and religious harmony in West Malaysia, and leave Sarawak alone.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

‘ROS has reasons not to recognise DAP’s CEC’

KUCHING: Assistant Youth Development Minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah believes that the Registrar of Societies (ROS) has reasons for not recognising the central executive committee (CEC) of Democratic Action Party (DAP).

However, he pointed out that if DAP was not happy, the party could bring the matter to court for a judicial review.

“Why must ROS unnecessarily withhold the recognition of the CEC … we do hear of many complaints from DAP members who are alleging irregularities in the second annual general meeting (AGM).

“Going to court is a decision for DAP to adopt … and if the party is not happy, I fully support them going to court for a judicial review of the ROS non-recognition,” Abdul Karim, who is a lawyer by training, said in his text message.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Dapsy could be ‘same old product’ with a new labelling — Karim

December 18, 2013

SIBU: DAP needs to be innovative and not be seen as ‘selling’ the same old products in every election.

PBB supreme council member Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah in pointing this out yesterday, commented that the party needed to change its image before thinking about going into the hinterlands.

He was reacting to the media report that DAP Sarawak had set up its Socialist Youth or ‘Dapsy’ Sarawak to expand its political strength and enhance penetration into rural areas throughout the state.

Newly-installed chairman of Dapsy Sarawak Wong King Wei, who is also Padungan assemblyman, reportedly said the youth movement would play a supplementary role to the main body to push for success in the party’s ‘Go Rural’ and ‘Help Sarawak’ projects.

“It’s good that DAP Sarawak has come up with its Dapsy to supplement its main body. They have to come up with new ideas and be innovative as DAP definitely cannot be ‘selling’ (the) same old products every election.

“They must be seen to be proactive,” Abdul Karim, who is Assistant Minister of Youth Development and Asajaya assemblyman, said.

He, however, said whether DAP could play a big role and be accepted especially in the rural areas, has yet to be seen.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Marzuki Qari champ while Dayang Marsita Qariah champ

December 16, 2013

WELL DONE: Karim hands over to Marzuki (left) the champion prize in the Qari (adult category) Inter-Scheme (state level) Quran Recital Competition 2013.
SIBU: Marzuki Batu from Taman Sukma, Kuching was champion in the Qari section (adult) of the Inter-Scheme (state-level) Quran Recital Competition 2013 held at Darul Husna mosque, Sibujaya here on Saturday night.

The second place went to Bujang Karim (Taman Sukma, Kuching) and third place to Sharif Untong (Kampung Tunku RPR Astana Fasa II, Kuching).

In the Qariah section (adult), Dayang Marsita Abang Ibrahim (Taman Sourabaya Indah, Kuching) was first while Rohani Japali (Bandar Baru Samariang Fasa II, Kuching) was second and Hanim Jeraee (RPR Piasau II, Miri) third.

Bandar Baharu Sibujaya digemari ramai

SIBU: Kemajuan serta perancangan pembangunan sistematik yang dilaksanakan di Sibujaya berjaya menarik penduduk Sibu datang mendiami bandar baharu itu.

Menteri Muda Perumahan Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah berkata, Sibujaya adalah kawasan perumahan yang baharu dan moden.

Ini secara tidak langsung menyebabkan bandar baharu itu digemari ramai sehingga menjadi kawasan paling cepat berkembang maju.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Bike week to promote integration, tourism

December 10, 2013

ONE FOR THE ALBUM: Members of Persatuan Motosikal Darussalam (Pemoda) from Brunei with president of Razz Chopper Motor Club, Abdul Razak Abdul Salam (back row, twelfth right).

SIBU: Sibu Bike Week should be organised on a bigger scale to promote tourism, regional relationship and racial integration, said Assistant Tourism Minister Datuk Talib Zulpilip.

“Sibu Bike Week is a good way to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. I am all for it,” he said.

“We can invite people from all over Sarawak, Malaysia, Kalimantan and Brunei. This is good for regional relationship,” he told The Borneo Post yesterday.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Karim told Chee How: ‘Go through proper channel on DUN matters’

December 8, 2013

SIBU: Matters pertaining to the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) should be discussed or brought up in DUN and not elsewhere, says Asajaya assemblyman Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

The Assistant Minister of Youth Development was reacting to state PKR vice-chairman See Chee How’s call for the Parliamentary Review Committee set up in 2010 to be activated to enhance the dynamic and functional roles of Parliament and state assemblies.

See, who is Batu Lintang assemblyman, reportedly said the committee would examine the expenditure, administration, and policy of the ministries, their government departments, associated agencies and public bodies.

This, added See, would enhance the independence of the legislative arm of the government and enable parliament and state assemblies to advance and progress.

Abdul Karim said: “I am unsure what YB See Chee How meant by activating the Parliament Review Committee. He is a member of the DUN and I hardly see him or his chairman YB Baru Bian speak in the DUN and/or raise anything about the dysfunctional role and weaknesses of the state DUN.

“I only see both of them very active giving comments outside of the DUN or to the public about the weaknesses of the government machineries as well as DUN.

Let there be new talents

KUCHING: Sponsorship programme by the private sector can be developed further to enable Sarawak to attain their highest level in development in football for the future.

Through the sponsorship, the Sarawak FA will be able to identify new players from the youth to play at the State level, said Assistant Minister Youth Development, Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

Speaking after the signing ceremony at the Isuzu Cup Under 19 Sarawak sponsorship between the Sarawak FA and Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Abdul Karim said new players for the Sarawak team will come from such sponsorships programme to help spur the development of the sport.

Later, Isuzu Malaysia presented a mock cheque for RM100,000 to the Sarawak FA.

“We need to follow through this kind of sponsorship programme to work out for more tournaments for this is where the development of future players come from.

“We hope from the under-19 development programme, Sarawak will be able to identify new players for the State team to bring football to another level,” said Karim who also thanked Isuzu for coming up with such an idea to help in the development of football in the State.

Senior manager, Vehicle Sales of Isuzu Malaysia, Junaidy Sulaiman in his address hoped the RM100,000 sponsorship will be an impetus for the state in aid of development efforts and to unearth new talents.

Karim puji kerjasama FAS-Isuzu

KERJASAMA: (Dari kiri) Junaidy, David, Abdul Karim, Sudarsono dan Abu Bakar menunjukkan isyarat bagus pada majlis perjanjian penajaan FAS dan Isuzu Malaysia di Dewan Masyarakat MBKS, Kuching semalam.
KUCHING: Menteri Muda Belia Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Ham­zah memuji ini­siatif FAS dan Isuzu Malaysia bekerjasama menganjurkan Kejohanan Bola Sepak Piala Isuzu-FAS Bawah 19 Tahun Sarawak.

Kejohanan tersebut akan berlangsung pada 15 hingga 22 Disember ini.

Karim, yang juga penasihat Persatuan Bolasepak Bahagian Samarahan, ber­harap kerjasama diantara FAS dan Isuzu Malaysia dapat mengembangkan mutu bola sepak negeri ini.

Manakala Pengurus Kanan Jualan Kenderaan Isuzu Malaysia, Junaidy Sulaiman berkata kerjasama menganjurkan kejohanan belia ada satu penghormatan kepada Isuzu Malaysia.

“Bola sepak adalah sukan yang popular. Ia satu peng­hormatan buat Isuzu kerana berpeluang membantu FAS dalam usahanya melahir­kan bakat-bakat baharu dan menggalakkan lebih ramai remaja melibatkan diri dalam tersebut.” 

Menurutnya, ini adalah kali pertama Isuzu Malay­sia terlibat dalam penajaan bola sepak dan berbesar hati kerana dapat menyumbang kepada pembangunan sukan tersebut di Sarawak.

Sementara itu, Presiden FAS Datu Sudarsono Osman berkata beliau berharap ker­jasama dengan Isuzu Malaysia dapat diteruskan pada masa akan datang.

Eight youth teams vie for Isuzu Cup

December 8, 2013

COMMON GOAL: Abu Bakar (far right) receiving the mock cheque from Junaidy (far left) during the signing ceremony between FAS and Isuzu Malaysia yesterday while Sudarsono (second, right), Abdul Karim (centre) and Tay looks on.
KUCHING: Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) hopes to break new ground with the Isuzu Cup which kicks off on Dec 15.

FAS president Datu Sudarsono Osman is hoping that the state-wide Under-19 tournament will be a key avenue to unearth new talents.

He was speaking to reporters during a sponsorship signing ceremony at the Dewan Masyarakat MBKS here yesterday as he thanked Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd for their generous support.

Assistant Minister of Youth Development and Housing Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah was present to witness the ceremony.

Rhino Motors general manager David Tay was also present.

Isuzu Malaysia has set aside RM100,000 to sponsor the tournament which is jointly organised by FAS and Samarahan Division Football Association (PBBS).

FAS deputy president Datu Mohd Abu Bakar Marzuki, who is chairman of the tournament organising committee, received a mock-cheque from the Isuzu Malaysia.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Karim terharu dengan sokongan padu penduduk Kampung Baru terhadap Barisan Nasional

ASAJAYA, Selasa — Menteri Muda Perumahan dan Pembangunan Belia (Bandar) Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah melahirkan rasa terharu atas sokongan penduduk Kampung Baru terhadap Barisan Nasional dalam Pilihanraya Umum (PRU) ke-13 yang lepas.

Beliau menyifatkan sokongan yang padu ini telah membantu Barisan Nasional mendapat kemenangan dalam pilihanraya tersebut.

Karim, merangkap ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) N14 Asajaya, berkata sedemikian telah menyempurnakan majlis sumbangan duit raya kepada golongan kurang upaya di kampung berkenaan.

Seramai 139 orang penerima sumbangan tersebut merangkumi 109 orang warga emas dan ibu tunggal selain 30 orang anak-anak yatim.

Menyentuh tentang sambutan hari raya, beliau mengingatkan agar bersederhana dalam menyambut lebaran selain bijak menguruskan perbelanjaan. 

"Setiap kali menjelangnya perayaan pasti besar keperluan yang akan digunakan. 

"Namun, kita harus lebih bijak menguruskan perbelanjaan dan elakkan diri dari berbelanja dengan boros," katanya. 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Kuching to send 31 to compete in Selangor

KUCHING: Assistant Minister of Youth Development, Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah donated RM3,000 to the Tang Soo Do Kuching District in conjunction with the 20th Tang Soo Do National Championship which will be held from Dec 14–15 in Selangor.

According to the Tang Soo Do Kuching District president, Harold Teo, this year Kuching will send 31 participants from red, brown and black belts to take part in the championship.

“Last year’s championship was held in Kuching and we became the first runners up with 11 gold, 13 silver, and 12 bronze behind Perak who became the champions with 18 gold, 10 silver, and 9 bronze.

“This year, we hope to level up with Perak to secure 15 golds or more,” he Tang Soo Do is a Korean form of martial arts.

Abdul Karim, who is also Assistant Minister of Housing, said that martial arts is good for the youths as it helps keep their minds and bodies in peak condition. “This will also provide good results for their studies as most students who are active in extra-curricular activities usually perform well in their studies,” he added.

Karim: Tang Soo Do should be included into Sukma

KUCHING: According to Assistant Minister of Youth Development Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, he will bring up the matter of incorporating Korean martial arts Tang Soo Do into the Sukma Games.

Abdul Karim said that Tang Soo Do is a popular form of martial arts all over the country and found no reason as to why it should not be included into the Sukma Games.

“It does not only make the mind and body strong, but it also teaches discipline,” he said at Wisma Sultan Tengah here yesterday.

He said Sarawak has a lot of potentials in the sport as the exponents first runners up with 11 gold, 13 silver, and 12 bronze in last year’s Tang Soo Do National Championship.

“If this is incorporated into the Sukma Games, Sarawak will have a good chance of winning medals.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Saturday, 30 November 2013

50 peserta sertai Kembara Merdeka

November 30, 2013

SERAMAI 50 peserta terdiri daripada ahli Kelab Motorsikal Berkuasa Tinggi (BBSC) menyertai konvoi ’Kembara Merdeka’ yang akan bermula semalam (Jumaat) melangkumi perjalanan dua benua berbeza Kuching- Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia.

Menteri Muda Pembangunan Belia, Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah menjelaskan, satu sejarah baharu tercipta dengan adanya perlaksanaan program ini yang sekali gus perantaraan terbaik mewujudkan silaturahim serumpun dua wakil dari negara berbeza (Sarawak/Malaysia & Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat/Indonesia).

"Kita begitu gembira dengan perlaksanaan program seperti ini kerana secara tidak langsungnya dapat dijadikan pentas merapatkan hubungan silaturahim kedua-dua pihak. Di samping mempromosikan aktiviti ahli kelab ini di negara jiran," tegas Karim.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Journey to history

KUCHING: Fifty big bike riders from Borneo Island Big Bikers Sarawak Club will participate in the 50 Years ‘Kembara Jejak Merdeka’ (Road to Independence Tour) from Kuching to Pontianak starting today.

Assistant Minister of Youth Development, Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said this will create a record for Sarawak riders and at the same time instil the spirit of patriotism among the riders.

“To commemorate the 50th Year of Sarawak Independence, this convoy is a good platform for the riders to appreciate the meaning of Independence in their own way,” said Karim

“It is such a great idea for the riders to expand their convoy activities to other neighbourhoods where they will be able to promote their club activities to the Indonesians,” Karim told the media when chairing a press conference on the programme at his office at Baitulmakmur, here, yesterday.

According to Karim, the bikers will also act as ambassadors for the state and Malaysia and become agents to promote the state to the Indonesians.

The bikers, he said, need to be disciplined and keep their behaviour in a way to watch the good name for their club and the state.

The riders will start their journey from Tebedu Border Clearance then continue their journey to Pontianak with Indonesian police escorts and stay at the Mecure Hotel.

Kuching-Pontianak convoy to boost ties

November 29, 2013

HAVE A SAFE TRIP: Abdul Karim receiving a memento from Azri, witnessed by Affandi (third right) and ‘Kembara Jejak Merdeka’ participants.
KUCHING: The ‘Kembara Jejak Merdeka’ from Kuching to Pontianak which will be participated by 50 big bikes in conjunction with Sarawak’s 50th anniversary of independence within Malaysia will serve as a platform to promote peace and harmony between the state and the region of West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Besides that, it will instil the spirit of patriotism among locals and serve as an excellent platform to promote Sarawak as a safe destination, said Assistant Minister of Social Development (Youth Development) Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

“We hope that the organisers of this tour will bring forth a good message as well as provide a clear picture to the people of West Kalimantan on the prosperity achieved throughout the 50 years that Sarawak gained independence in

“At the same time, this programme will foster closer ties between Malaysia and Indonesia,” he said in a press conference held at his office at Baitulmakmur here yesterday.

“We are very supportive of this programme as it will bring favourable impact on the participants as well as the people of Sarawak indirectly,” added Abdul Karim.

The ‘Kembara Jejak Merdeka’ organised by the Borneo Island Big Bikers (BIBB) in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development and Ministry of Tourism starts from today until December 2.

Meanwhile, BIBB president Azri Nor said various community programmes would be held during the tour.

Rural youths told to be wary when accessing Internet

SIBU: The youth, especially those from rural areas, need to be cautious when accessing the social media, Assistant Minister of Youth Development Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah cautioned yesterday.

He advised them to vet the information and not take them at face value.

“This is because the dissemination of untruthful news, incitement, pornographic materials, malicious and defamatory information could also be done by just a click of the `mouse’.

“They must know how to evaluate and analyse the information so as not to be hoodwinked,” he stressed.

Abdul Karim, who is Asajaya assemblyman, said this in support of Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud’s call for social media to be utilised wisely.

In his winding-up speech on Wednesday, Taib reportedly said if social media was not used properly and wisely, it could bring more bad than good to society.

Adding on, Abdul Karim said social media and the ‘double sided sword’ were closely akin.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Martial arts can nurture unity

KUCHING: The Martial Arts Challenge hoped to attract the people to spent their time in a beneficial way, especially to avoid the younger generations from being involved in social problems during the school holidays, said Assistant Minister of Housing and Youth Development, Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

“This championship is a good avenue to nurture unity among the various martial art groups participating at the event,” Abdul Karim said when officiating at the state level Martial Arts Challenge at the multi-purpose hall of the Youth and Sports Complexs at Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, here, yesterday morning.

Practising martial arts is good to instill the spirit of discipline within the younger generation so that they would not make use of the arts in a harmful way unless for self defence and helping others, he added.

He said the championship would also help to preserve the local cultures and heritage of self-defence with the participation of many groups from the various younger generations.

Karim: Every martial arts is unique

November 24, 2013 

“Every martial art is unique and I hope all martial arts practitioners from the various and different types of martial arts continue to respect each other.” -Tuan Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah

WELCOME BY WARRIORS: Abdul Karim (fifth, right) and Abdul Haris (fourth, right) being presented with an exhibition match by the Kuching Muaythai Association during the opening ceremony of the Sarawak Martial Arts Championships yesterday.
KUCHING: Fans are in for a big treat as the Sarawak Martial Arts Championships featuring six martial arts opened yesterday.

The state-level competition, organised by the State Youth and Sports Ministry, is participated by such associations as the Sarawak Lion Dance and Wushu Association, Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia (Sarawak branch), Rumpun Silat Sarawak, Kuching Tang Soo Do Association, Sarawak Silambam Association and Kuching Muaythai Association.

Assistant Minister of Youth Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah was present to officiate the opening ceremony at State Youth and Sports Ministry complex.

A self-professed avid martial arts fan himself, he admitted that he was excited to see such an event combining many arts being organised.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Original site for Meludam RMR scheme unsuitable

MINISTRY of Housing, through the Housing Development Corporation (HDC), has originally planned to build 20 units “Rumah Mesra Rakyat” (RMR) houses under the Meludam Village Expansion Scheme.

This was dislcosed by Assistant Minister of Housing Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah who said Lot 2011-2380, Block 1, Triso Land District, Meludam were supposed to be the site of the scheme. 

“However, a study conducted by HDC on the site for the Meludam Village Expansion Scheme project revealed that the site is unsuitable for housing as the area is prone to flooding,” he said.

He added that the HDC had formally applied to Betong Land and Survey Department for a new site which is at Lot 1986-2010, Block 1, Triso Land District, Meludam. 

“The application is currently under consideration by the Land and Survey Department,”said Karim in reply to Hajah Simoi Haji Peri (BN-Lingga) who had enquired when the Meludam Village Expansion Scheme project would start, at the State Legislative Assembly sitting on Thursday.

On Simoi’s second question regarding the second phase of the Lingga Village Expansion Scheme in Sri Aman, Karim said HDC had carried out land filling works at the 41-lot site. 

“Of the 41 RMR units, 15 have been completed under Phase I and handed over to successful participants.

Friday, 22 November 2013

RMR ba Meludam deka digaga ba taba baru – Karim

KUCHING : Opis Menteri Pengawa Berumah nengah Opis Pemansang Pengawa Berumah (HDC) kala merambu deka ngaga 20 pintu Rumah Mesra Rayat (RMR) ba taba Skim Pembesaran Kampung Meludam, ba Lot 2001-2380, Blok 1, Triso Land District, Maludam. Penulung Menteri Pengawa Berumah enggau Pemansang Raban Nembiak (Bandar) Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah madah, taja baka nya pengudah diperesa HDC taba ke deka endur ngentak rumah nya (Skim Pembesaran Kampung Meludam) enda manah endur nirika rumah laban tanah ba endur nya mudah kena ampuh bah.

"Nya alai, raban HDC udah minta taba baru enggau chara betulis ngagai Opis Tanah enggau Survei Betong palan ke lebih manah iya nya ba Lot 1986-2010, Blok 1, Triso Land District, Meludam. "Peminta nya benung diperundingka Opis Tanah enggau Survei Betong, " ku iya.

Iya madah munyi nya ba hari keempat Aum Kedua Renggat Ketiga Kunsil Negeri (DUN) Sarawak Ke-17 ke diatur ba Opis DUN Baru, Petra Jaya ditu, kemari (Hari Empat). Udah nya, Karim madah ungkup RMR Skim Pembesaran Kampung Lingga, Sri Aman raban HDC udah bejalaika pengawa nimbuk tanah ba 41 buah lot. Ari 41 buat lot nya, ku Karim bisi 15 pintu RMR tembu digaga sereta udah diberi ngai bala pesereta ke bisi ngambi bagi nitihka renggat keterubah .

"Nengah renggat kedua, HDC benung merambu deka ngagai 26 buah laluh RMR ke agi tinggal. Enggau nya, HDC bisi minta agih belanja tambah dikena nyediaka perengka rama ngagai Opis Negeri ngambika diperunding. "Nya alai, projek ba renggat kedua deka berenkah dipejalaika enti sema agih belanja nya udah bulih pemendar," ku iya.

Iya madah munyi nya lebuh nyaut tanya Hajah Simoi Peri (BN-Lingga) bekaul enggau kemaya projek pemansang RMR dipejalaika ba Kampung Meludam enggau pengawa ngaga renggat kedua projek RMR ba Kampung Lingga. Berebak enggau nya, Simoi bisi nyadaka tanya tambah bekaul enggau kriteria orang ke deka minta RMR enggau pelin rumah ke bisi digaga perintah naka ke diatu.

Karim madah, entara kriteria ke udah diletak HDC endur ngulih peminta RMR tu iya nya meseti peranak menua Malysia, beumur 18 ngagai 65 taun, taja baka nya peminta ke beumur 45 ngagai 65 taun sida meseti meri penama kedua beumur entara 13 ngagai 18 taun.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Affordable housing projects most popular in the state

November 21, 2013

AFFORDABLE housing projects are in popular demand in the state, with Kuching having the highest (demand) at 51 per cent.

According to Assistant Minister of Housing Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, a total of 58,766 applications were received for affordable houses undertaken by Housing Development Corporation (HDC) up to Nov 6 this year.

“The highest number of applications came from in Kuching at 30,161 applications or 51 per cent, followed by Sibu (13 per cent), Samarahan (12 per cent), Bintulu (5 per cent) and Miri and Sarikei (4.6 per cent each),” he said in response to questions posed by Martin Ben (BN-Kedup) yesterday.

Karim also said the state government had no immediate plan to develop special housing lots for youths in the state.

“They could however apply for any of the existing housing schemes as long as they fulfill the required conditions. They are also encouraged to buy houses developed by the private sector,” he said.

Meanwhile, in response to Razaili Gapor’s (BN-Beting Maro) question on whether the government had plans to develop people’s housing scheme (perumahan rakyat) in Pusa again, Karim said such a plan was already in the pipeline.

“Site visits and surveys have been made and the plan to develop people’s housing scheme in Pusa again will be presented to the relevant authority early next year while HDC will conduct the market survey.

RM487,298 dibayar ngagai 200 peranak ungkup projek Jalai Mangut-Tuie-Supa

November 21, 2013

KUCHING: Sepenyampau RM487,298 dibayar ngagai 200 iku peranak ungkup bayar pampas tanah dikena ngaga projek Jalai Mangut-Tuie-Supa, ku Menteri Muda Pengatur Pemansang Pengeraja Asal Datuk Mohd Naroden Majais.

Iya madah 200 iku peranak tu sida ke beempu Tanah Hak Adat Bumiputera (NCR) ke sah lalu pengawa mayar pampas udah tembu ba taun 2010.

“Naka kediatu, pemujur fizikal projek iya nya 87 persin nitihka timpuh, lalu dipelabaka tembu ba Januari taun nyin ila,” ku iya maya nyaut tanya Mohammad Razi Sitam (BN-Saribas) ba Aum Kunsil Nengeri, nengeri Sarawak ditu, kemari.

Lebuh nyaut tanya Ripin Lamat (BN-Lambir), bisi ke enda perintah merambu ngungkupka lot rumah semina ngagai raban nembiak aja, Mohd Naroden madah perintah bedau bisi perambu baka nya.

Kelimpah ari nya, Menteri Muda Pengawa Berumah Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah madah, nyentuk ke 6 Nov tu tadi, sepenyampau 58,766 peminta udah diterima ungkup semua projek rumah ungkus murah enggi Gerempung Pemansang Pengawa Berumah (HDC) di serata Sarawak.

“Nitihka persin peminta, Kuching ngerikutka 51 persin (%), Sibu (13%), Samarahan (12%), Bintulu (5%), Miri enggau Sarikei sama ngerikutka 4.6 persin ungkup projek rumah ungkus murah HDC,” ku iya maya nyaut tanya Martin Ben (BN-Kedup).

Maya nyaut tanya Razaili Gapor (BN-Beting Maro) ke deka nemu enggau silik, bisi ke enda perintah merambu ngemansangka baru rumah rayat di Pusa, Abdul Karim madah, HDC diatu benung merambu pekara nya.

Projek RMM mendapat permintaan tinggi

November 21, 2013 

Setakat 6 November, 58,766 permohonan diterima untuk semua projek tersebut di seluruh negeri

KUCHING: Projek Rumah Mampu Milik (RMM) Perbadanan Pembangunan Perumahan (PPP) telah mendapat permintaan yang tinggi daripada masyarakat negeri ini.

Menurut Menteri Muda Perumahan Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, setakat 6 November lalu, sebanyak 58,766 permohonan telah diterima untuk semua projek tersebut di seluruh negeri.

“Permintaan paling tinggi diterima di Kuching iaitu 51 peratus (30,161 permohonan) diikuti Sibu – 13 peratus (7,703 permohonan), Samarahan – 12 peratus (7,163 permohonan), Bintulu – 5 peratus (2,996 permohonan), Miri dan Sarikei masing-ma-sing 4.6 peratus (2, 728 dan 2, 717 permohonan),” katanya pada Persidangan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) di sini, semalam.

Namun demikian, Karim menjelaskan bahawa kerajaan pada masa ini tidak mempunyai rancangan bagi menyediakan lot-lot perumahan khas untuk belia di negeri ini.

Bagaimanapun, katanya belia boleh memohon untuk dipertimbangkan di mana-mana skim perumahan yang sedia ada asalkan mereka menepati syarat yang ditetapkan.

Tambahnya, mereka (belia) juga digalakkan untuk membeli rumah yang disediakan pihak swasta.

Sementara itu, Karim berkata kerajaan kini telah me-rancang untuk melaksanakan pembangunan di Pusa.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

No place for Perkasa in Sarawak — Karim

November 20, 2013

KUCHING: Radical Malay group Perkasa has no place in society, especially in Sarawak.

Assistant Youth Development Minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said Sarawak’s racial and religious harmony must not be shaken by such extremism.

“They (Perkasa) are not welcome in Sarawak and so are those other organisations that propagate likewise views.

“Our harmonious inter-racial and inter-religious fabric that has been built up in the state must not be disturbed by those with extreme racial views,” he said in a text message yesterday.

He was commenting on a recent news report that Perkasa plans to set up a chapter in Sarawak.

Abdul Karim, who is also Assistant Housing Minister, cited the example of the former country known as Yugoslavia.

“We have seen Yugoslavia disintegrate because of extreme views on race and religion and we do not want the same to happen in Malaysia or Sarawak,” he asserted.

Sarawak tells Perkasa to get lost

November 20, 2013

All Sarawak BN component party leaders including Taib Mahmud's PBB have slammed the doors on Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali

KUCHING: The Taib Mahmud administration does not want Perkasa anywhere in Sarawak.

A state minister and a member of Taib’s Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu’s (PBB) supreme council said Perkasa “is not welcome in Sarawak”.

Contentious Perkasa had recently disclosed that they hoped to “get the same kind of support from Sarawakians” as they did in Sabah.

Perkasa claimed it had 45,000 members in Sabah and was “not a racist” organisation. It also claimed to look after Bumiputra rights.

But state Assistant Youth Development Minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah was not convinced.

He said the radical group had no place in Sarawak society.

“Perkasa is not welcome in Sarawak. This also applies to other organisations that promote Perkasa’s view.

Kerja tapak pembinaan masjid di Darul Hana sudah dimulakan

KUCHING: Kerja-kerja tapak untuk pembinaan masjid di projek pembangunan Darul Hana sudah dimulakan di bawah pelaksanaan fasa pertama.

Menteri Muda Perumahan Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah berkata, setakat ini tapak tersebut telah siap ditimbus dengan tanah dan pembinaan masjid dijangka akan dimulakan pada tahun depan.

“Cadangan Pelan Struktur Pembangunan Darul Hana akan dikemukakan kepada Pihak Berkuasa Perancang Negeri (SPA) pada Disember depan untuk mendapat kelulusan,” ujar Abdul Karim pada sesi soal jawab Persidangan DUN semalam.

Beliau yang mewakili Menteri Perumahan menjawab soalan Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi (BN-Pantai Damai), turut memaklumkan bahawa tanah-tanah yang tidak berpenghuni di kawasan tersebut telah diambil milik oleh Jabatan Tanah dan Survei bagi pembangunan projek tersebut dan pampasan juga telah dibayar.

“Kerajaan telah menubuhkan Jawatankuasa Pembangunan Komuniti dan Komunikasi untuk mewujudkan jaringan dan kerjasama dengan pelbagai agensi kerajaan dan pihak yang berkepentingan dan penduduk yang terlibat.

“Antara program yang telah dijalankan termasuk bengkel bersama ketua-ketua jabatan di samping mengadakan pameran bersama penduduk dan ketua masyarakat,” jelas Abdul Karim.

Di samping itu, sesi dialog yang melibatkan Ketua Menteri turut diadakan bagi memberi penjelasan mengenai pendekatan kerajaan dalam projek pembangunan Darul Hana dan menangani pelbagai persoalan yang dibangkitkan oleh penduduk yang terlibat.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Galeri: State Budget 2014

November 19, 2013

(From left) Rosey Yunus, Simoi Peri, Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, Datuk Amar Abang Johari, Datuk Gramong Juna and Abdul Rahman Junaidi (behind Abang Johari) walking out of the assembly hall for lunch break.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Youths still sway to local cultures, traditions — Abd Karim

November 17, 2013

YOUNG TALENT: Abdul Karim presents a scroll to a participant who completed a traditional dance, songs and art course at Batu Lintang Auditorium. — Photo by Wilfred Pilo
KUCHING: The number of youths who are still interested in upholding the rich cultures of the state is still high, and this warms the heart of Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

“It is the government’s policy to inject new spirit for our youths to excel in education and also in the arts and traditions,” the Assistant Minister of Youth Development said at a ceremony to present certificates to 236 youths who had completed a traditional dance, songs and art course at Batu Lintang Auditorium here yesterday.

Also present were principal assistant secretary (Culture) of the Ministry of Social Development Nancy Jolhi and Batu Lintang Teaching Institute deputy director Jamiran Salam.

Abdul Karim said the course, which was organised by the Ministry of Social Development for the second year running, provided good exposure to the participants.

“Response to the course is good. It is an obvious sign that our youths still like our traditional arts, cultural music and theatre.”

He hoped those who had completed the course to pursue their interest at a higher level, and apply what they had learned by participating in programmes and activities organised by the ministry, other government bodies or the private sector.

KPS laksana dasar untuk kekalkan budaya Sarawak

November 17, 2013

KUCHING: Kementerian Pembangunan Sosial (KPS) sentiasa berusaha melaksanakan dasar kebudayaan dalam memulihara, memelihara dan mengekalkan budaya bangsa Sarawak terutamanya di kalangan belia.

Menteri Muda Pembangunan Belia (Bandar) Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah berkata, untuk itu pelbagai program dilaksanakan menerusi Seksyen Pembangunan Kebudayaan dan setakat ini, sebanyak 70 program kesenian telah dianjurkan di negeri ini.

“Kita di kementerian sentiasa berusaha untuk memastikan pelbagai pencapaian cemerlang terus dikecapi masyarakat terutama golongan belia di negeri ini dalam sukan, budaya, sosio dan sebagainya.

“Kita harap misi untuk memelihara dan mengekal seni budaya Sarawak seiring dengan pembangunan sosioekonomi akan tercapai,” ujarnya.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika berucap pada Majlis Graduasi Seni Ke-2 di Auditorium Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Institut Perguruan Batu Lintang di sini, semalam.

Pada majlis itu, seramai 236 peserta yang telah mengikuti Kursus Tarian Tradisional, Kursus Muzik dan Kursus Teater menamatkan pengajian mereka selepas menjalani kursus sepanjang tahun di Seksyen Pembangunan Kebudayaan.

“Kursus seperti ini bertujuan untuk melaksanakan dasar kebudayaan iaitu memulihara, memelihara dan mengekalkan budaya bangsa kita khususnya Sarawak dan Malaysia amnya.

Karim: Art and culture still relevant

KUCHING: The field of art and culture is still relevant to the people in the state.

Assistant Minister of Youth Development, Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said that the efforts made by the Culture Development Section of the Social and Urbanisation Development Ministry in providing art courses deserved to be praised.

“The art and culture courses for various sectors of the community, especially the youth, will boost their confidence to uphold art and culture activities,” said

Karim in his speech when attending the Second Art Graduation Ceremony held at Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce Auditorium of Maktab Perguruan Batu Lintang near here yesterday.

The event was organised by the Culture Development Section of the Social and Urbanisation Development Ministry.

The Culture Development Section provides three types of arts and culture course, namely, Traditional Dance, Music and Theatre Course throughout the year.

This is the second year that the graduation ceremony for the programme is held.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Karim: Chung Hua schools deserve support

November 15, 2013

GOVERNMENT SUPPORT: Abdul Karim (fourth right) symbolically presents a government grant to school kindergarten building construction working committee chairman Liew Shak Sen.
ASAJAYA: Chung Hua schools deserve to be supported as they play a big role in education in the state .

Assistant Minister of Housing Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said Chung Hua schools in Sarawak, especially in rural areas such as Asajaya, are also attended by many non-Chinese.

“For me, I will not want to be indifferent towards Chung Hua schools. Most importantly, these schools also play a role in educating and shaping up our younger generation, for the sake of human capital development in the state,” he said during the 68th SJK Chung Hua Asajaya annual presentation of prizes and certificates.

He pointed out that SJK Chung Hua Asajaya has been in existence since 1948, when Asajaya was still known as Nonok, and played a big role in the development of the area for all communities.

“You see how long this school has been in existence … I believe the achievements made by this school are a source of pride for the locals, and many of its former pupils have succeeded in life.

“One of the special features of this school is promoting the martial art of silat, and some of the pupils have succeeded in it at the state level competitions,” he said.

Abdul Karim also paid tribute to the Chinese community in Asajaya who have contributed immensely to the development of the area despite being small in number.

Rep surprised cops (@PDRMsia) unaware of drug peddling on cybernet

November 15, 2013 

SIBU: The police need to stay steps ahead of criminals who are employing sophisticated tools to commit crime, says Assistant Minister of Youth Development Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

He was reacting to news report that drug addicts could now get their supply (of drugs) by paying for them online and have the drugs delivered to them.

According to the report, the police believed they had uncovered this online supply line after the arrest of three teenage brothers last week for being hooked to ‘ice’, the street name for methamphetamine.

“Well, in this sophisticated world, I am not surprised that the ‘cybernet’ apart from being a tool for communication and gathering information, could be used for illegal transactions.

“In fact, we have heard of other vices like cyber gambling and prostitution being peddled through the cyberspace. So, drug peddling through the ‘cybernet’ is not something impossible.

“I am somewhat surprised that the police are shocked by this new revelation. They should not if they had kept themselves abreast with the development of Internet.

“The police, being the custodian of peace and security, must not rest on their laurel, but must be steps ahead of those who are criminal-minded,” Abdul Karim said.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Galeri: Regatta Samarahan 2013

November 10, 2013

COMMUNITY EVENT: Dato Sri Michael Manyin (third right) jointly launches the event with (from left) are Dato Sri Mohammad Ali Mahmud, Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, Aidel Lariwoo, Rubiah Wang, Abdul Rahman Sebli Senusi and Datuk Julaihi Narawi.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Young voters trendsetters of future political landscape

November 8, 2013
Being more educated, liberal in outlook, analytical…they are a force to be reckoned with. - Tuan Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah

SIBU: Educated young voters who have the analytical strength will be the trendsetters of the future political landscape, according to some Barisan Nasional leaders here.

PRS vice-president Datuk Mong Dagang yesterday said both the government and the opposition were eagerly engaging the youth who were the so-called fence sitters.

“I believe in the last parliamentary election, younger voters played important role and did in fact influence the results of the election.

“The entry of younger voters would definitely play an important political role in deciding who will be in power. But I believe the younger voters, who are educated would be able to make wise decision.

“They know what the government is doing and at the same time what the opposition does,” noted Mong, who is Agriculture (Research and Marketing) Assistant Minister and Bukit Begunan assemblyman.

He was commenting on observations made by a seasoned political scientist Associate Prof Dr Bridget Welsh that one of the major trends in the political landscape of Sarawak was the demographic shift to younger voters.

Welsh expounded that more younger voters were fence-sitters, so the next election was really about how voters under-30 vote.

Neighbourhood watch patrols reduce crime rate

November 8, 2013

KUCHING: Neighbourhood Watch Committee (RT) patrols have brought down the crime index, especially housebreaking and thefts in several areas here.

According to Housing Assistant Minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, housing areas especially at Jalan Stephen Yong and Arang Road previously recorded high number of housebreaking and thefts.

“However, after some neighbourhoods formed their own RT and organised night patrol, they managed to curb and solve the problem,” said Karim.

He was speaking at the ‘My Neighbour, My Friend’ seminar at Regency Rajah Court Hotel here yesterday.

Karim said neighbourhood with residents in the professional fields tended to be individualistic and had less contact with neighbours.

“This is unlike staying in villagers where people still care for each other,” he added.

He advised neighbourhoods yet to form their own RT to do so as it will benefit their housing area and help connect residents in the same area.

Essential to have community spirit among neighbours,says Karim

KUCHING: The sense of neighbourliness and harmony among the community must be enhanced as the city of Kuching is now experiencing rapid urbanisation with migration from rural areas.

As the state is facing rapid development it is feared that the community spirit would tend to fade. Therefore effort to inculcate the spirit of neighbourhood must be enhanced to foster closer relationship among neighbours. 

Assistant Minister of Housing and Sports (Youth Development), Datuk Abd Karim Rahman Hamzah said that it was essential to have community spirit among neighbours.

“Other finding that also caught my attention are those that affect the neighborhoods. These factors are employment, ethnicity, type of house, house prices, the residence and the existence of neighborhood Watch committee. 

“By knowing these factors, its is hoped that the authorities are able to conduct appropriate action plans to further enhance the community spirits within the existing neighborhood,” he said during his speech at the closing ceremony of ‘Wacana Minda’ My Neighbours, My Friends held at The Regency Rajah Court Hotel, here on Wednesday. 

He noted that compared to town areas the rural community or those living at the town’s out-skirts were still upholding community spirits with various efforts taken to foster the spirit of neighbourliness such as the establishment of neighbourhood watch not only to keep the neighbourhood safe but also a chance to get to know each other better. 

From the survey conducted by MPP, MBKS and DBKU on neighbourliness in housing estates in Kuching, Karim said it was at a satisfactory level. 

Semangat kejiranan di Kuching dikategorikan baik - Abdul Karim

November 8, 2013

ABDUL Karim Rahman Hamzah (duduk, tengah) bersama para peserta selepas majlis penutupan Wacana Minda Jiranku, Sahabatku di Kuching, Sarawak, kelmarin.
KUCHING 8 Nov. - Semangat kejiranan di sekitar bandar raya ini baik di kawasan kampung tradisi mahupun perumahan moden masih boleh dikategorikan sebagai baik dan 'sihat'.

Menteri Muda Perumahan negeri, Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah berkata, kesimpulan itu dibuat berdasarkan kajian bertajuk 'A Survey On Neighbourliness in Housing Estates in Kuching' yang dilakukan Majlis Pembangunan Sosial Sarawak tahun lalu.

"Kajian ini mendapati tahap kejiranan di kampung-kampung dan kawasan perumahan moden di bawah pentadbiran Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara (DBKU), Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan (MBKS) dan Majlis Perbandaran Padawan (MPP) adalah memuaskan.

"Hasil kajian ini boleh dikatakan satu berita gembira, namun saya yakin ada banyak ruang yang masih boleh diperbaiki bagi memastikan nilai-nilai murni ini terus dipertahankan walaupun bandar-bandar besar seperti Kuching semakin pesat membangun," katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika penutupan Wacana Minda: Jiranku, Sahabatku anjuran Majlis Pembangunan Sosial Sarawak di sini semalam.

Mengulas lanjut, Abdul Karim berkata, dinding penghalang yang wujud selama ini terutama di kawasan bandar boleh dihapuskan menerusi penubuhan organisasi khas seperti Jawatankuasa Kawasan Rukun Tetangga (KRT).

"Terdapat pelbagai faktor yang mempengaruhi semangat kejiranan seperti pekerjaan, etnik dan jenis rumah. Justeru, kita perlu merancang pelan tindakan sesuai untuk meningkatkan nilai-nilai murni ini atau sekurang-kurangnya mengekalkan tahap yang ada sekarang," katanya.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Utamakan pembangunan pendidikan anak — Karim

KOTA SAMARAHAN, Rabu — Ibu bapa dinasihat lebih mengutamakan pembangunan pendidikan anak-anak kerana pelaburan ke arah itu penting bagi memastikan keselesaan kehidupan mereka di masa akan datang.

Menteri Muda Pembangunan Belia, Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah menjelaskan, langkah itu berperanan membentuk modal insan yang dapat menjadi daya penggerak kepada pembangunan negeri ini.

Katanya, aspek pembangunan pendidikan tidak harus diabaikan atau diambil mudah. Ini kerana bidang tersebut kunci kepada hala tuju seseorang itu di masa akan datang.

"Pentingnya bagi ibu bapa menitikberatkan pendidikan anak-anak bermula di peringkat akar umbi memudahkan kelahiran modal insan berkualiti di masa akan datang," ujarnya. 

Beliau berkata demikian ketika berucap pada Majlis Mini Konvokesyen Tadika & Taska KEMAS N.14 Asajaya di Dewan Suarah Kota Samarahan semalam. 

Hadir sama, Pegawai Daerah Samarahan, Mohd. Ainni Wahab, pegawai dan wakil pegawai dari Tadika.

Menurut Karim, secara tidak langsung pendekatan ke arah itu juga mampu merealisasi impian kerajaan untuk melihat kebanjiran lebih ramai tenaga kerja yang profesional.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Dr Rundi scorches opposition’s effort

"Whether they can make inroad into any seat is yet to be seen." -Tuan Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah

SIBU: State BN secretary-general Datuk Dr Stephen Rundi yesterday warned the opposition not to expect the people to fall for its brand of politics.

He was asked if the coming state election would see a different political landscape following the emergence of many new political parties in the scene, and whether the state BN expect a tougher fight than that in the last state polls.

The five new newcomers are Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak (Teras), Parti Bumi Kenyalang, Peace Party and Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDS Baru) and Parti Ekonomi Rakyat Sarawak Bersatu (Persb).

“We don’t expect much difference and if any, there will be more confusion within the opposition if they think they can instigate/manipulate the Dayaks,” the Kemena assemblyman told The Borneo Post.

Making it a crowded affair, SWP announced that they would contest in seven state constituencies in the next state election though it is at least two years away.

Its president Larry Sng said the seven seats they intended to field candidates in included Pelagus, Meluan, Engkilili and Tamin whose candidates had been identified.

Of the four state constituency seats, two are held by BN with Dr Johnical Rayong (SUPP) as assemblyman for Engkilili and PRS Datuk Joseph Mauh, assemblyman for Tamin.

Karim: Review needed to lessen load of guarantors

KUCHING: Greater efforts must be made to lessen the load of guarantors including changing and review existing laws.

Assistant Minister of Youth Development Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said this is because guarantors made up a large number of those declared bankrupt.

He said being bankrupt at an early age could be a traumatic experience, especially if it is due to being a guarantor.

“It’s just like a ‘death penalty’ imposed on an innocent party. The public, whether they are young or old, should be made aware of the implications and dangers of being a guarantor to any facility given by a financial institution be it a personal loan or a loan for a car or a house.

“In the event of the principal borrower defaulting, the guarantors are jointly and severally liable in law to pay,” he told The Borneo Post when contacted yesterday.

He was commenting on a recent revelation by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nancy Shukri that 13,540 people were declared bankrupt due to their failure to repay hire purchase and business loans from January to September this year in Sarawak.

She said as a whole, many youths in the state aged between 35 and 44 were declared bankrupt due to credit card debts, vehicle hire purchase and housing loans.

Bumiputera beli rumah kos sederhana, rendah

KUCHING: Bumiputera di Sarawak lebih cenderung membeli rumah kos sederhana dan rendah, kata Menteri Muda Perumahan Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

Beliau berkata kebanyakan rumah kos sederhana dan rendah yang terdapat di negeri ini dibeli oleh Bumiputera.

Bagaimanapun menurutnya, mungkin Bumiputera di Sarawak masih kurang membeli rumah mewah yang mencecah jutaan ringgit.

“Rumah berharga RM20,000 atau RM1 juta tidak menjadi persoalan, yang penting Bumiputera di Sarawak mampu membeli rumah.

“Kita boleh lihat ramai Bumiputera di negeri ini membeli rumah kos rendah dan sederhana,” katanya ketika dihubungi semalam.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika diminta mengulas mengenai kenyataan Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin berhubung jumlah Bumiputera memiliki rumah masih rendah.

Muhyiddin dipetik sebagai berkata, jumlah pembelian perumahan oleh Bumiputera masih rendah iaitu sebanyak 36.3 peratus atau RM18 bilion pada 2012.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Karim's suggestions on Mat Rempit issue

November 4, 2013

SIBU: Good upbringing is more effective than blaming and penalising youths for misdemeanor like Mat Rempit, Assistant Minister of Youth Development and Asajaya assemblyman Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah pointed out.

He called for all parties to put on their thinking caps to address problems from a bigger spectrum.

“Moulding youths into good citizens is the responsibility of everyone, parents, schools, the community, NGOs and the government.

“Blaming and penalising youths for the things they do will not resolve the problem. Pointing fingers at parents or police also does not help,” he said.

Abdul Karim was asked how to prevent youths from getting drawn into Mat Rempit activities.

According to a news report, Kuching division Resident Abang Shamsuddin Abang Seruji viewed with concern that the Mat Rempit problem was getting prevalent in the city.

Abang Shamsuddin said more healthy activities were needed to engage youths.

Asajaya a pool for sport champs

KUCHING: Assistant Minister of Youth Development, Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah believed that Asajaya district can become a pool for sport champions who not only will bring pride to Sarawak but also to the nation.

His observation was based on the presence of youths from the village who excelled in sports at the school level.

“We are aware that Asajaya district is popular among the local community in football during the Raya season with the venue held at Kampung Sambir, Asajaya,” he said.

“Now many of the young people who hail from the village have achieved recognition for their involvement at higher level sports throughout the year,” he added during the Students Excellence Award 2013 ceremony at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Asajaya No.2 yesterday.

Among the students who shined out in sports was Mohd Shahril Rahim Khalid who won the Special Sport Award for representing SMK Asajaya No.2 and helped the school to become runners up in the CIMB-Cobra-KRFC School 7s Rugby Under 18 Championship 2013 recently.

“Mohd Shahril do possess the talent to reach greater heights in sport as shown by his form at the Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSM) championship this yeari,” said Abdul Karim who also praised other excellent athletes from the school.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Testimony of state’s religious harmony

 November 2, 2013

BE PROUD: Abdul Karim urging young Sarawakians to be proud of the cohesion and harmony that have been long existing in the state
KUCHING: The Soul2Soul 2.0 interfaith forum entitled “Tweeting Up Unity: Social Cohesion Through Social Media” at the Christian Ecumenical Worship Centre here yesterday is a shining example of the state’s religious harmony.

This was said by Youth Development assistant minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah when officiating at the opening of the forum organised by Azam and Islamic Information Centre (IIC), yesterday.

He added the choice of a Christian centre for the venue bore testimony to the state’s religious tolerance and the unique harmony among the people.

“I don’t think it would be possible to do this in the peninsula without some people inciting tension,” said Abdul Karim, who pointed out that the racial and religious tension prevalent in the peninsula had never been an issue in Sarawak.

“In Sarawak we help one another, regardless of race or religion. In the old days, I attended mission school and went to church as part of the education system, but it did not make me any less of a Muslim. In fact, the old system made us more understanding and tolerant of each other.

“It was a beautiful in the past. I hope the youths today will learn and do not be too engrossed with what politicians or NGOs say nowadays. Young Sarawakians should be proud of the cohesion that is only unique in Sarawak,” he

Touching on the forum, Abdul Karim called on social media savvy youths to use the various tools in the internet to enhance the existing social cohesion among Sarawakians to create greater understanding and strengthen unity.

Karim: Jangan ambil mudah perpaduan

November 2, 2013

MAKLUMAT: Abdul Karim (dua kanan) mendengar taklimat daripada Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif IIC Zabariah Matali (kanan) semasa melawat pameran yang diadakan sempena Forum Belia Soul2Soul 2.0 semalam. Turut kelihatan Mohd Ariff (dua kiri). — Gambar Chimon Upon
KUCHING: Generasi muda tidak harus mengambil mudah perpaduan serta kestabilan sedia ada di negeri ini yang telah sekian lama terpelihara.

Menteri Muda Pembangunan Belia (Bandar) Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah berkata, sebagai generasi yang akan memegang tampuk kepimpinan negeri dan negara, adalah amat penting bagi mereka memahami perpaduan masyarakat Sarawak.

“Sarawak telah dapat hidup dalam harmoni melalui perpaduan pelbagai kaumnya selain sikap toleransi dan mampu menerima kepercayaan masing-masing.

“Segala pembangunan serta perubahan yang kita nikmati kini juga adalah hasil kestabilan yang kita pelihara selama ini, dengan itu generasi muda tidak harus mengambil mudah perkara ini,” ujarnya.

Beliau berkata demikian berucap merasmikan Forum Belia Soul2Soul 2.0 ‘Tweeting-Up’ (Perpaduan Sosial melalui Media Sosial) anjuran Angkatan Zaman Mansang Sarawak (AZAM) dengan kerjasama Pusat Penerangan Islam Sarawak (IIC) di Pusat Ekumenikal Kristian di sini, semalam.

Tambah Karim, hal-hal berkaitan agama termasuk baru-baru ini mengenai penggunaan kalimah ‘Allah’ dalam majalah gereja Katolik, bukan isu bagi Sarawak.

“Bagi kita di sini, kita saling membantu antara satu sama lain tanpa mengira kaum dan agama dan amalan toleransi telah menyebabkan Sarawak dapat terus membangun,” kata Menteri Muda Perumahan itu.

Terima penemu orang bukai sereta tanka pemaik

KUCHING: Nembiak rebak baru patut ngetan enggau ngemeratka ulah ti ulih nerima penemu orang bukai, pemaik enggau pengelantang sereta penegap ti dikemeranka rayat enggau menua tu, ngambika sama diasaika rebak dudi.

Menteri Muda Pemansang Nembiak, Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah madah, tu laban semua nya ulih ngemujurka perintah bejalaika pemansang di nengeri tu.

Ulah ti ulih nerima penemu orang bukai ku iya patut ulih dikemeran sereta dikemeratka rebak baru berindik ari menua kelebih agi Sarawak ti diuan mayuh pupu bansa, adat enggau main asal sereta mayuh jalai pengarap.

Nembiak rebak baru enda patut ngambi mudah pasal pemaik enggau pengelantang sereta penyerakup ti udah lama dikemeranka, ku iya.

“Kita (rebak baru) enda tau enda bebendar ngetan sereta ngenukuka ulah ulih nerima penemu orang bukai, pemaik enggau pengelantang sereta penegap, ngambika ulih meri pengelikun, pengelantang sereta sama ulih diasaika rebak dudi.

“Laban ketegal ulah ti ulih nerima penemu orang bukai, ketuai ti engekeman, pemaik enggau pengelantang, penyerakup enggau penegap, kitai (perintah) ulih ngemansangka nengeri tu.

“Ari tu mayuh ubah pemansang ti udah nyadi di menua tu nyengkaum di Kuching, Bintulu, Betong, Miri enggau Kota Samarahan enggau kandang menua bukai,” ku iya seraya muji peninggi ulah ke ulih nerima penemu orang bukai ti dikemeranka rayat nengeri tu.

Soul2Soul 2.0 truly inter-faith interaction

KUCHING: The ‘Soul2Soul 2.0: Tweeting-Up Unity’ forum being organised by Angkatan Zaman Mansang (AZAM) Sarawak in collaboration with the Sarawak Islamic Information Centre (IIC) and held at the Christian Ecumenical Centre is something truly beautiful, said Assistant Minister of Youth Development Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Hamzah.

“This is very common in Sabah and Sarawak because people in both states help and understand each other,” he said when officiating at the opening of the forum yesterday.

Karim delved into his past by revealing that he went to a mission school and was familiar with the way Christians go about their daily lives.

“That did not make me any less of a devoted Muslim. This inter-faith interaction is a beautiful thing that youths should embrace.

“Youths in Sabah and Sarawak should be proud of the existence of this harmonious environment in their respective states,” he said.

Karim went on to say that despite living in a multi-religious, multi-cultural, and multi-racial community, Sarawakians were able to live together peacefully and accept each others’ differences.

“This harmony has allowed us to progress and it cannot be denied that a lot of changes had been happening around us.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Sarawak expects to get fair share of affordable houses

November 1, 2013

SIBU: Assistant Housing Minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah expressed optimism that Sarawak will set a fair share of the 223,000 affordable houses planned for 2014.

“The provision of affordable houses has been ongoing by the present state and federal BN governments all these years and 2014 is not an exception,” Abdul Karim, who is Assistant Minister of Youth Development and Asajaya assemblyman told The Borneo Post yesterday.

He was reacting to Sarawak Division Cuepacs secretary Ahmad Malie’s call for fair allocations of the 223,000 affordable houses announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak under Budget 2014.

Malie said doing so could make it easier for the people, including civil servants to buy their own houses.

He added that the result of the escalating prices of houses, particularly in Kuching, Bintulu and Miri, was that people especially those in the public sector could no longer afford them.

Malie said Najib should look into this problem as there were many people desperate for their own homes because house rentals were also going up.

“The state Housing Ministry is aware of the spiralling cost of houses which is due to increased demand and increased cost of building materials and is cushioning this increase by building more affordable houses especially in areas where the demand for houses are higher,” said Abdul Karim.

Azmin, please look at countries implementing GST

SIBU: Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a system adopted by almost 200 countries worldwide, Assistant Minister of Youth Development and Asajaya assemblyman Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said yesterday.

“Had the tax system been counter-productive, it would not have been adopted by a majority of countries in the world, whether developed or undeveloped,” he pointed out.

“GST is implemented in 160 countries in the world…definitely, there will be hitches here and there when it is implemented come 2015. But Malaysians would soon adjust themselves to this new system,” he said.

He was reacting to Gombak MP Azmin Ali who had said that Malaysia was seen as not ready to implement the new tax because more than 40 per cent of the people had household income of less than RM2,500 a month, with 80 per cent being Malays and Bumiputras.

Azmin was reported by Bernama as saying that GST would squeeze the low income earners and the poor.

He said the government must take a leaf from developed nations which only implemented GST after their tax infrastructure were strong and income taxes were reduced to avoid burdening the people.

Meanwhile, Kapit MP Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi said: “I do agree with YB Azmin, MP Gombak. That the current tax infrastructure must be strengthened and consolidated so that the tax system is efficient and only hit the right target and objectives.