Monday, 15 February 2021

Heaps of praise to Alena Murang and her friends for their Road To Our Heritage (ROTH) music project

I would like to praise to our very own well known and home grown talent, Alena Murang who will be undertaking the “Road To Our Heritage (ROTH)” music project together with her friends from the Estranged and Stonebay bands. The project is the first of its kind undertaken by Alena and her friends from Sarawak and Sabah in which it will also involve a three music album and a TV documentary series that will be aired on RTM soon.

Alena has once again made us proud for playing her part in promoting native traditional music craftsmen from both of the East Malaysia’s states with the production is scheduled to cover a total of 14 shoots and covering a road trip with a distance of 1,000 KM.

Among the interesting features of this project will be the in-depth interviews with our very own music craftsmen which will lead us to the discovery of local traditional cultures as well as showing the scenic places that are found in Sarawak. 

Their collaboration with ROTH project’s research partner, Dr Nadia Widyawati Madzhi from Faculty of Music at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) will ensure the history of traditional musical instruments and their producers will be well documented for future educational references and archives.

Kudos to Alena and her friends for using the digital platforms in finding the solutions in expanding their horizons and sending the messages across to the communities on the need to preserve as well to promote native traditional music including the wonderful craftsmen who are helping us to conserve such intangible heritage.    They have also shown us that the pandemic should not be the stumbling block for local talented musicians to continue their creative passion in the new normal because there is the necessity for all of us to create the unique ecosystem which can contribute to the growth of our home grown music talents.

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