Sunday, 6 January 2013

‘Election fiasco turns party into laughing stock’

SIBU: DAP election fiasco had turned the party into a laughing stock as their creditability has been questioned.

PBB supreme council member Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah voiced out yesterday that DAP should first check their own party election as there were so many fishy tales and stinky smell to clear.

“DAP being a party that claim to be the most democratic, transparent and multi-racial is now a laughing stock with the ‘fishy’ party election.

“I am amused at how DAP had ‘rigged’ their own election results to bring in Zairil as their 20th elected committee member.

“Zairil, who initially got only 300 plus votes suddenly had his votes ballooned up to 800 plus after a recount! Something is not right somewhere!

“So what has Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen or Sibu MP Wong Ho Leng got to say? Don’t even bother to question SPR for a clean election.

“Check your own party election first! So much of fishy tales and stinky smell to clear …,” said Karim, who is Assistant Minister of Youth Development and Asajaya assemblyman.

He was asked to respond to the DAP election fiasco.

According to the media report, DAP found itself navigating in a sea of criticism after admitting to a party polls mistake and then reinstating a Malay candidate to the last spot in its central executive committee (CEC).

A national English daily quoted DAP chairman Karpal Singh as describing the party election fiasco an embarrassment, urging its election direction Pooi Weng Keong to withdraw his resignation as it was an honest mistake.

Meanwhile, Nangka assemblyman Dr Annuar Rapaee also took a swipe at the fiasco, saying that DAP had lost its credibility to question EC.

Echoing Karim’s view, Dr Annuar too called for DAP to clean their house rather than supporting ‘Bersih’ for a free election.

“If they can’t manage 1,800 delegates, can we trust them to manage the country of 28 million people?” he asked.

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