Saturday, 16 February 2013

BR1M 2.0 comes from the heart — Abdul Karim

February 16, 2013

KUCHING: 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M 2.0) is not a ploy by the BN to fish for votes in the impending 13th general election.

Assistant Minister of Youth Development Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said the government distributed the first BR1M last year even though there was no election then.

“The giving out of cash aid reflects the generosity and caring attitude of the government towards the people,” he said at the disbursement of BR1M 2.0 at Asajaya Sports Complex yesterday.

He advised BR1M recipients to be thrifty.

“I hope that each one of you (recipient) will spend the money wisely. Buy school books or something that could benefit the whole household.”

He said he believed if the BN government remained in power after the impending polls, such aids might continue to be given in the future.

“It would also be possible to see the amount be increased further from the RM500 given out now if our nation continued to prosper.”

For BR1M 2.0, Abdul Karim said there were 9,800 recipients in the first batch and the aid involved totalled RM4.5 million.

BR1M saw about 14,000 people benefitting from the aid, but BR1M 2.0 will see about 3,000 more recipients.

“The number increased quite significantly due to youths who are also eligible to receive the RM250 aid.”

He also besides BR1M, the government had also distributed RM100 aid to students and Wang Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pelajar Miskin (KWAMP) to the needy in Asajaya.

One of the BR1M 2.0 recipients yesterday, Roland Manggis, 62, is thankful that the government had kept their promise of looking after the welfare of the people.

He said he would use the RM500 aid to buy daily necessities.

“I have seven children and two of them have applied. They are still waiting for their turn to receive the cash aid,” said Roland, who is a retired police officer from Kampung Sampun Tebun.

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