Monday, 18 February 2013

Abdul Karim tells Xenophon to mind his own business

February 18, 2013

SIBU: Malaysia does not need colonial master-like mentality in the person of Australian Senator Nick Xenophon to meddle in its internal affairs and its day-to-day administration.

Asajaya assemblyman Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said yesterday that the country had gained independence for more than 50 years, conducted many elections, and created a stable, harmonious society as well as a healthy economy, building Malaysia to what it is today.

According to AFP, an outspoken Xenophon had been critical of Malaysia’s electoral system.

To this, Abdul Karim, who is also Assistant Minister of Youth Development, added, “He might be a senator in Australia, but beyond Australia’s border, unless he is invited on official capacity, he is just an ordinary person like any other tourists … and should behave like one.

“We don’t need an international police in the person of Senator Xenophon from Australia to teach us how to run our country or manage our election.

“Who is this senator trying to act like a colonial master trying to teach us how to conduct our election, teach us on Human Rights and tell us what to do?”

He was reacting to news report where the Australian politician was detained at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and deported for security reason.
Abdul Karim recalled that Xenophon was around during the last Bersih Rally and now he was here again.

Xenophon’s action really reflected blatant interference in the internal affairs of Malaysia, he said.

“I don’t think Australia would like to see Malaysian MPs telling Australia what to do or participate in demonstration against Australians in Australia. They might be deported for doing so.

“Likewise, we don’t want Aussie senators doing the same in Malaysia. We don’t need foreign interference and especially from those who think they can manage our country better than us!

“We strongly deplore this colonial mentality of foreigners who think they are better than us in managing our country.”

He praised the Home Ministry and Immigration Department for being firm on characters like this from coming to Malaysia.

He said Malaysians like Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and PKR, who sold their souls to this foreign ‘police’ to undermine the nation’s security, should be condemned!

“They are traitors and have no love for Malaysia,” he said.

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