Sunday, 16 April 2017

Choose your friend wisely, youths reminded

April 16, 2017

Abdul Karim (second left) and Fazruddin (third left) at the event held in Masjid Darul Husni Warrahmah, Taman Hussein / Rahmat. With them is the event’s organising committee chairperson Sharifah Aishah Tengku Fauzi (left).
KUCHING: Leaders play a vital role in influencing the behaviour of their group members, said Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah yesterday.

“If a leader or a role model goes to the mosque to pray frequently, I’m sure those who follow him will emulate, but this can also go the other way around – if he indulges in negative activities, he would also influence his followers,” he spoke at a drug prevention programme at Masjid Darul Husni Warrahmah in Taman Hussein / Rahmat here yesterday.

He subsequently urged youths to exercise extra caution in choosing friends because minggling with a wrong group of people could spell disaster for their future.

Meanwhile Tupong assemblyman Fazzruddin Abdul Rahman, who also spoke at the programme, said it was vital for the youths in the state to be supportive of their leaders especially in respect of youth development programmes.

According to Tupong assemblyman Fazzruddin Abdul Rahman, it would be pointless to carry out such programmes if they did not get the support from the youth.

“Youth development needs the collective efforts from everyone – if the leaders are supportive of the youths, then the youths should be supportive of their leaders as well.

“Please appreciate the efforts of your leaders if you feel that they are supportive of you.

“Work together with your leaders if you feel that you can contribute to youth development as well,” he said.

Adding on, Fazruddin assured the youths that should they organise activities related to youth development, they would get the support from their leaders.

He said youths represented the future generation; thus it would be the responsibility of the elders to groom them into individuals who could guide the generations that came after them.

“One leader whom I know will support your activities is Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

“He is very committed in finding ways to develop youths in Sarawak as they represent the future,” he said.

The programme yesterday was organised by Taman Hussein/ Rahmat security and development committee (JKKK) and Taman Hussein/ Rahmat Friendly Neighbourhood Community (KJM). -@ybkarimsays

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