Friday, 2 July 2021

Thumbs up to the White Flag initiative which is happening in our backyard too

Big thanks to our local media friends who had published my personal comments on the white flag initiative which started from the social media channels and is also happening in our own backyard. 

Such initiative would among others enable local folks, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and charities to better channel the assistances to those in need because I viewed it coming from the bottom; it is for the rakyat by the rakyat so that the local community is aware of those who are in need.

When they see the white flag, at least they can bring a bag of rice and provide the affected resident with some cash as a relief. For the government, it has provided various initiatives and assistance packages to the people to tide them over during the pandemic. Our Sarawak government has introduced the Sarawakku Sayang Special Assistance (BKSS) packages in so many series but on the micro level, there are also those who did not receive these assistances. That is why the suggestion for the white flags to be raised is well received.

Similarly, it was crucial that the community play a collective role to alleviate the burden of those who are severely affected by Covid-19 and the movement control order (MCO). We have heard there are many cases of suicide due to stress and to me this is worrying. I think it is important that we identify those who are suffering.

We are also touched by the white flag movement, adding that had prompted me to doing my bit which include carrying bags of rice in the car and to be given to those affected. In Kuching, we have seen this movement take shape and there are already houses which have raised the white flags. Of course, there are also those affected who might not raise their flags. However, I hope that this is not being abused by irresponsible quarters who may deprive others of the deserved help by also raising the white flags.

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