Friday, 2 July 2021

Getting our athletes and coaches vaccinated including those training outside Sarawak

Recently I have mentioned to our media friends that we will be discussing with Sarawak Sports Corporation (SSC) to resolve the issue of vaccinating Sarawakian athletes and coaches who are currently outside Sarawak, especially in West Malaysia.

I am also hoping for the private sector to be involved in this endeavour because in West Malaysia there many private hospitals and clinics had been authorised to administer Covid-19 vaccines. Hence, if there is such a location not far from where these Sarawakians athletes are based, we can try to get them to be sent to such medical facilities to be vaccinated.

Presently there are many Sarawakian athletes who based in West Malaysia because they are also national athletes and this also include our football players and also our athletes who are preparing for the forthcoming Malaysian Games (Sukma).

If our athletes want to be vaccinated in the states where they are currently based, it may be possible that they can only be accommodated after the people from that state are vaccinated. We view the vaccination of our athletes and coaches is important to ensure their safety during training. This is so that they do not feel worried and they can carry out their training regularly. I know some of our football players and officials have been infected with Covid-19 before and after going the vaccination, even if they did get infected with Covid-19, it would be less severe.

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