Thursday, 18 May 2017

No go for waiver of 470 parking summonses during Malaysia Open – Abdul Karim

May 18, 2017

Abdul Karim is seen delivering his winding up speech.

KUCHING: A total waiver of the 470 summonses issued during the Malaysia Open 2017 held early last month “is not possible”.

Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said it was unfortunate that some supporters of the international event were issued the summonses for obstruction of traffic but he believed there were means to resolve this matter.

“A total waiver is not possible because we had given warning (before Malaysian Open 2017).

“We may give them some discounts (for the summonses), but not total waiver,” he said when responding to Chong Chieng Jen (DAP-Kota Sentosa) who requested Karim to help with the waiver in the august House today.

Chong said he had written to the Commissioner of Police (CP) for Sarawak, but he had yet to hear from the police.

“Can you (Karim) help to waive (those summonses)? This is so that we can encourage more people to support our athletes in sporting events like this.”

Chong said some supporters of the event last month had no choice but to park along at the side of Jalan Bako due to insufficient parking bays.

To this, Karim said there were a lot of parking spaces but the attitude of the people was partially to blame.

He added that just like everywhere, people in this city preferred to park near where they were going to.

Chong was apparently not satisfied with the reply as he began raising his point with his mic turned off.

Deputy Speaker of State Legislative Assembly Dato Gerawat Gala then ruled that “it is the police who have the discretion.”

Chong refused to let it go as he continued arguing while his mic remained turned off.

Gerawat adhered to his ruling by adding that no one could direct the police, although people could put in their request.

The deputy speaker then requested Karim to carry on with his winding up speech.

Before proceeding with his speech, Karim was heard saying: “We can be good friends but we cannot break the law.” -TheBorneoPost

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