Monday, 13 September 2021

Thanking our local youths for supporting our "Kembara Semarak Merdeka 2021" programme

I thanked the local youths at Asajaya constituency in Samarahan for supporting the ‘Kembara Semarak Merdeka 2021’ programme which was launched at Asajaya District Office last weekend. Their presence and show of support to the programme is important because it shows our youths do appreciate and value the meaning of the country’s independence. 

Our country's independence is very significant and it must be defended by our youthful generation who will be inheriting all of these from the nation’s leaders from the present and the past.  As this is of great significance, that is why the government has organised various programmes in conjunction with the independence month. It is aimed to create awareness and instil understanding among the people especially the youths at all strata of the society.

I have also pointed out that our young generation are very fortunate for inheriting independence that have enabled all of us to live comfortably and in peace harmony. We therefore urged all of our youths to continue playing their role in strengthening the existing unity between the state as well as country’s multiracial and multiethnic community. No matter how the situation is, our unity is crucial because it contributes to the establishment of effective administration, political stability and social peace harmony that will ensure holistic development will continue to take place for our state and country.

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